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The Psychology Of Gambling

Gambling has found its way through the centuries in the collective human psyche as a phenomenon that many people indulge in. But what is it with gambling that makes it so enticing to certain groups of people? Of what consists the inherent seductive quality of gambling? This article will set out to answer these questions.

First of all, we must reach out to understand the primal urges of our ancestors, and the conditions in which they lived in. History teaches us that ancient humans lived in a tumultuous, treacherous environment in which nothing was certain. Try to disregard all of the scientific progress that was made by humanity only recently, and what youÆre left with is incredible uncertainty in day to day life. And this uncertainty, with which our ancestors evolved throughout millions of years, is the cornerstone of the phenomenon of gambling.

Think about ità almost all of human progress consists of people taking risks in uncertain areas, taking shots in the dark, in order to go forward and improve their lives and the lives of humanity as a whole. And it makes sense that evolution tended to favor this human trait because of the potentially huge benefits that it bestows onto the bearer.

That being said though, there is a variance between different people in the way that they handle risk. Some people enjoy it, bask in it, while others are more timid and risk averse. Neither is inherently good or bad û itÆs how youÆll handle this tendency within you that makes it good or bad.

And it goes without saying that gambling is more to the tune of the risk taking people. Many people, if not most of them, view gambling as a vice that should be suppressed in any way shape or form possible. And by gambling they mean going to the casino for a game of slots or roulette. What the author suggest is that these people think for a while just how important gambling was to human progress in history, and just how many of the breakthroughs in human history are due to a person or group of people taking a huge gamble against all odds, and coming through on the other side.

So if you have an inclination for gambling, donÆt try to fight it, but embrace it. We would have been nowhere if there werenÆt risk taking people in the general population. Just make sure that you put a healthy dose of restraint on your urges, and gamble responsibly, lest gambling should swallow up your soul.

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