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Newkirk’s Notes – comments on Las Vegas from AccessVegas.Com publisher Ted Newkirk:

Hello From Las Vegas! Where the 10 day forecast still does NOT having hitting 100 degrees. I’ve been watching the U.S. weather over the past few days and all I can say is unbelievable. I’m keenly aware that most of you are not used to 3-digit temperatures and in some regions, the only air conditioning in your house may be a window unit. Leave the 100+ to those of us who are professionals at living in it!

Just a couple of short odds-and-ends which have been collecting dust (I’ll explain why in a minute):

Man, I Feel Like A Woman – No… not me!áI’m sure most of you know that Shania Twain is taking up a 60 gig residency at Caesars Palace starting next year. The first round of tickets are available now: Shania Twian Las Vegas Tickets

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy – A recent study noted that Nevada is 10’th in the nation when it comes to residents’ sense of well-being. However, we have the 3’rd highest suicide rate in the nation. Putting aside the people who come here to off themselves (just happened again this past week) I’m not surprised. People either like/love living here or they just really hate it. I’ve never seen anything like it. You’ll rarely talk to a local who can simply “take or leave” living in Las Vegas.

Let me offer a few words of advice to potential residents:

1. You can’t mold Las Vegas. Oh, people have tried. They move here and vow that they are going to live their life just like they did back in (insert name of big city). Those are some of the most miserable people I know living here.

We’re a live-and-let live society, we’re still known as Sin City (that moniker is going to stick just because you live here), we have lousy public transit (and no appetite to improve it), etc. We’re not exactly Boston or San Francisco, so don’t expect us to be. If you are looking for all of that plus good weather, I’d strongly consider Phoenix.

2. If you are already depressed, think of what it will be like living in close proximity to 100,000+ visitors on any given day, most of whom are having the time of their lives! As for me, I feed off of it. But if you are prone to depression and happy people make you more depressed, probably not a good place to live.

Growing Older But Not Growing Up – In the 2000’s, the number of Nevada residents over 62 grew by 54% and the state’s median age has crept up to nearly 37 years old. The weather and lack of income tax were cited as a couple of top reasons. While we have not discussed it in detail yet (we’ve linked to it in the More section in the past), a major project in Henderson with active senior living and onsite medical facilities appears to have traction.

Many mocked a planned development of this size in the face of the current economy. But people forget that most retirees have pension and social security and are somewhat immune to the current economic times. The cheap price of housing here right now also isn’t hurting the migration of the financially stable.

Why The Mini-Issue? – If you’re a first time reader, let me note that this issue is much shorter than usual for us. We’re a victim of our own success. Both our site traffic and newsletter subscriber numbers have been slowly but steadily creeping up. Which is fantastic, and we thank all of you who are telling your friends to subscribe (or at least forwarding each issue to them) or are following us on Twitter at who are reading and retweeting!

We’ve started to experience slow-downs and short outages as this demand out-strips our server abilities. On top of that, we’re getting ready to re-launch reader forums, regular show reviews, an all-new video area so you can preview what various Las Vegas hotel rooms look like and more. Which will succeed in permanently crashing our servers if we don’t upgrade NOW.

In fact, our IT guy Robert Oliver actually wanted to get on this ASAP (he’s the one who has to jump into action every time we go “off the air”) but I saidáLet’s get a newsletter out — even if it is a short one — get current info out, and let everybody know what is going on. So, thanks for your understanding. The upgraded situation will allow us to return to bringing you all of your favorite features each week without crashing our servers from the traffic it generates.

Enjoy This Issue!

Associate Editor: Amy Rayner-Cooley
News Researcher/Editor: Rick Ziegler

CSI: The Experience Celebrates Dads This Father’s Day With Complimentary Admission June 17-19 – Looking for a creative and exciting way to celebrate Dad this Father’s Day? From June 17-19, CSI: The Experience at MGM Grand invites families everywhere to bring their Dad in to play the fun, interactive role of crime scene investigator for free. The complimentary tickets are available at the MGM Grand box office next to CSI: The Experience with the purchase of a full-price admission when they mention ‘Father’s Day Special.’ Tickets are valid for same day visit only and cannot be sold or transferred.

Bellagio To Host Intimate Bbq and Beer Pairing During Epicurean Epicenter Series Saturday, July 2 – Celebrate Fourth of July weekend at Bellagio and enjoy a fun and casual afternoon at the latest Epicurean Epicenter event, BBQ and Beer. Held in Tuscany Kitchen Saturday, July 2 at noon, guests will enjoy a three-course lunch created by Bellagio Executive Chef Edmund Wong complemented by a selection of refreshing beers chosen to enrich the taste of each dish.

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More Stories About the Closing of the Sahara Hotel and Casino

Access Vegas Insider Vibe June 1, 2011 Insider Vibe

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Newkirk’s Notes – comments on Las Vegas from AccessVegas.Com publisher Ted Newkirk:

Hello From Las Vegas! Running a bit late this week due to a few technical difficulties. So for those who enjoy reading the newsletter with their Sunday coffee, we apologize.

No Complaints! – About the weather. We made it all the way through May without hitting 100 degrees (F), which is the first time in a long time we pulled that off. The first 10 days of June look to barely be hitting 90 (almost 10 degrees below normal) so we’ll see how long we can pull this off. I’m sure enjoying it and I’m sure our visitors are also.

Everything Must Go – Sahara owner Sam Moronzian Nazarian and his happy band of hotel mismanagers are putting the final nails in the coffin of The Sahara. Starting on June 16, they are literally selling everything down to the walls. Now, don’t get me wrong: It is normal for a shuttered hotel (or one that is supposedly going to be undergoing a remodel) to sell off lots of stuff. Clear the rooms, old kitchen shelves, ranges and appliances, restaurant furniture and similar. Same with barware, gaming tables and anything else that will be outdated and not worth keeping.

However, they are taking it quite a bit farther, selling everything including the chandeliers and lighting fixtures in the casino. First of all, do they really need the money that bad? Do you have to toss every last vestige of the property? Are the new plans for the property (ha, ha, ha… we’re not holding our breath) so radical that you can’t re-purpose a few artifacts as a tribute to a Las Vegas institution of over 50 years? My understanding is that after imploding The Stardust, owners Boyd Gaming held onto a few “this and thats” which would have a place in the (currently on hold) Echelon project that was planned to replace The Stardust.

Do these guys even know what they are doing? The Tropicana sunk $180 million into an absolute and complete makeover of their property (and a beautiful one at that). Current Sahara owners are claiming to have already spent $30 million just on the plans to redo the property. This whole Sahara debacle continues to make absolutely no sense. From closing it at a time when Las Vegas is seeing a tangible uptick to completely gutting the place to claims that they are going to build a fantastic new high-end resort while we already have a high-end glut. And at a time when I believe we’llábe seeing a growing demand for the mid-range áas the U.S. recession lingers.

If you want to pick up some old Sahara stuff when they start selling it off, visit the Sahara Liquidation Sale

Cash Out That Ticket! – I just uncovered a $20 ticket from when I played some video poker at Binion’s. Last October. The ticket also happens to say Void After 30 Days. Make sure to take the extra few minutes to cash out your tickets. I thought that I’d be back downtown much sooner than I was and I’m out $20. If you do happen to screw up and end up back home with a still-valid ticket, they usually have an address on the back which will let you claim them by mail. (Same with most sports betting tickets). But my advice? Get the cash back in your hand.

Enjoy This Issue!

Associate Editor: Amy Rayner-Cooley
News Researcher/Editor: Rick Ziegler

The Palazzo Las Vegas Joins with the USO Las Vegas to Honor America’s Deployed Soldiers – Guests can send letters to troops through July 4 – The Palazzo Las Vegas invites guests to send words of encouragement to soldiers overseas while visiting the resort’s waterfall atrium and gardens. Surrounded by more than 1,500 vibrant red, white and blue blooming foliages, the waterfall atrium and gardens will feature two digital kiosks for guests to write letters to deployed American soldiers stationed throughout the world. The United Service Organizations Las Vegas center (USO LV) will distribute these letters written by guests to troops as they deploy, arrive home and while currently overseas.

Experience the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus at the Mirage June 6-11 – In conjunction with The BeatlesÖ LOVEÖ by Cirque du Soleil« 5th Anniversary, the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus is pulling up to The Mirage for public tours and recording sessions June 6 û 11. Guests will be able to try out the latest in recording and video technology including products from Avid, Epiphone, Apple and more. Additionally, guests will have the opportunity to bring the studio experience home by entering to win an Epiphone guitar signed by Yoko Ono.

The Spa at Ravella Offers Massage Therapy Training Series Throughout the Summer – Beginning May 31, The Spa at Ravella ( will launch a series of massage therapy seminars to educate participants in the techniques of Thai Reflexology, Table Thai Yoga Massage, Asian Reflexology and Fusion Massage. For as low as $140 per series, guests will receive hands-on lessons in difficult spa techniques and treatments and can stay overnight with rates starting at $59 during the retreat.

Las Vegas Hosts WorldÆs Only Year-Long Beer Festival Beginning October 2011 – The Entertainment Capital of the World will let the good times flow with “Las Vegas World Beer Fest,” an international Oktoberfest-styled showcase of micro brews, stouts, ales and moreùopen every Thursday through Sunday for one year beginning October 13.

Aficionados, enthusiasts and those who simply enjoy a cold one will have access to more than 500 different beers from 100 different brew masters across the globe, including Germany, Belgium and the U.S.

Spring Into Summer at Bellagio’s Conservatory and Botanical Gardens – Attraction unveils new elements in its timeless tribute to the seasonBellagio‘s Conservatory and Botanical Gardens reveals new elements to its summer display, featuring a spectacular floral exhibition filled with bright blooms and a playful carnival. Reminiscent of the lazy days of the year’s longest season, the vibrant exhibit features a moving 11-foot tall carousel, a 40-foot full-scale Ferris wheel and patriotic displays of the Stars and Stripes.

What We’re Watching – Vegas Videos You’ll Enjoy

  • House of Blues Foundation Room – The House of Blues Foundation Room is located on the 43rd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino and offers what many consider the very best view of the Las Vegas Strip. But what is super cool about this hot spot is its dedication to supporting the education of children through music, art and history
  • Magic of Rick Thomas Highlights – After successful runs at The Tropicana, Stardust, and Sahara, long-time Las Vegas headlining magician Rick Thomas now brings his show to the Saxe Theatre at Planet Hollywood for a summer run before moving on to The Riviera.
  • Ravella and Lake Las Vegas – See the new Ravella Hotel and Spa at Lake Las Vegas. Then take a peek at the infamous Blush nightclub at Wynn Las Vegas
  • Three Card Poker Now With Million Dollar Bonus – Three Card poker is already one of the most popular non traditional table games on the casino floor because of its simplicity, low table minimums, and relatively high payouts; the 6 Card Bonus side bet gives guests the opportunity to turn a bad hand into a winning hand, or a good hand into an even better one.

    Beginning this month Three Card Poker, 6 Card Bonus players at all Caesars Entertainment’s Las Vegas properties will have the chance to win $1 million in just one hand playing the 6 Card Bonus side bet, hitting a Super Royal in Diamonds: 9, 10, J, Q, K, A. Additionally, $100,000 payouts will be available for the Super Royal in Hearts, Clubs or Spades.

  • The Hammargren House – Lonnie Hammargren, a retired neurosurgeon and former Nevada lieutenant governor, has collected Nevada (and other) memrobilia for decades. He has traditionally opened his home to the public for tours on Nevada Day (Oct. 31) each year. He was unable to do so this past year, so let this video tour take you for a look.

Members Mania – We Love Our Readers!

As a response to feedback about current changes to the smoking ban, I’ve written an update and clarification:

A Smoking Misunderstanding – Either I did a really, really bad job of explaining the possible smoking ban changes, or people just decided to send me the usual boiler-plate anti-smoking talking points regarding the proposed changes (which I discussed last issue) without reading my piece very well.

Our smoking ban generates tons of reader interest. When we even link to a story about it in our local paper, it gets 3-4 times the clicks of most stories. (We don’t know which reader clicks on what, but we are able to track total clicks from all readers). So, we’re going to take another crack at this:

For the record, I do not smoke cigarettes. My grandfather died of a smoking-related illness. I’m not really fond of the smell of cigarette smoke. But that doesn’t spur me to make laws telling people that they can’t smoke on private property.

The History: Las Vegas (as an area) is home to more taverns (bar and grills) than I’ve ever seen anywhere. Pretty much one (or more) on every major cross-street intersection all over the area. These have traditionally been open 24 hours per day and offered slot machines (video poker) and a 24 hour kitchen in addition to the libations.

When the Nevada smoking ban was passed, it dictated that if a business served foodáfrom their own kitchen, they they could not allow smoking on the premise. The idea was to eliminate the smoking in bars and restaurants. However, given the choice between going non-smoking or eliminating food service, the vast majority of these neighborhood taverns simply closed their kitchens. To the tune of 1700 people laid off.

Eventually, some bars “complied” with the law by building a sealed off “restaurant” room that was non-smoking. People would order their food and simply bring it back into the smoking area of the bar so they could eat and drink and play video poker and (if desired) smoke all at the same time.

Then, the state dictated that enforcement of the ban to be done by the Health Department, which is in no way equipped to enforce the ban. (The thought was that the police need to be catching carjackers, not ticketing smokers with their limited manpower resources). Hence, not one citation has every been written. On that news, some bars simply started serving food again. And if people lit up (despite the mandatory no smoking signs), so what?

At the end of the day, no one stopped smoking. Bars did not go smoke free. The only change that this portion of the ban made was eliminating food service in lots of bars and tossing 1700 people out of work.

Given that this portion of the smoking ban 1. Failed to do what it was designed to do (make bars smoke-free) and 2. Had a negative economic impact, legislation is currently under consideration to once again allow adults-only bar/grill operations to once again legally do what they are already doing: Serve food in a smoking-permitted environment. Pure and simple.

Last I checked, visiting a bar was neither a right nor a necessity. If you dislike (or are worried about) second-hand smoke, I strongly encourage you to boycott these bars. If they are unwilling to cater to your desire for a non-smoking environment, hit them in the pocketbook with your lack of business.

When Will We See Smoke-Free Casinos? – For those who wish gaming properties would go smoke-free, here’s a couple of attempts to keep your eyes on: As of June 14, The Palace Casino Resort in Biloxi will go smoke-free including the gaming floor. The new Revel in Atlantic City (scheduled to open in just about a year) is also seriously toying with the idea of going smoke-free. If this is an important amenity to the general public, they will vote with their wallet and with their feet and Las Vegas will take notice.

We love to hear from you, and value your feedback! Here’s how to participate:

  • Want to comment on a current reader post? Use the comment box on that particular web page. Many of the stories we post also have comment boxes at the end of the story. Make your voice heard!
  • Drop us an email at [email protected] – We read them all!
  • Call our recorded comment line at 702-507-0055. We listen to every call.

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Access Vegas Insider Vibe May 25, 2011 Insider Vibe

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Newkirk’s Notes – comments on Las Vegas from AccessVegas.Com publisher Ted Newkirk:

Hello From Las Vegas! – May exits as a very pleasant month with the highs rarely getting up to the 88 degree (F) average. Maybe we’ll get lucky and see a cooler-than-usual summer. For the record, June averages 99, July 104, and August 102 before September drops off to 94. Just as important is that we’re heading into a three month stretch where we won’t feel any cool weather even in the dead of the night. Overnight lows average 72 for June, 78 for July, and 77 for August before dipping to 69 in September.

Veer Into Living On The Strip – Veer Towers (the ones at CityCenter that lean) are aggressively marketing residential leases starting at around $1500 a month. I assume these are for the studio units which start at around 550 sq. ft. (or for comparison, about the size of my home’s rec room). However, I could see the attraction for an on-the-go person who wants a cosmopolitan (no pun intended) lifestyle in the heart of the action.

Two “strikes” against living at CityCenter have been the traffic and the lack of basics like a grocery store, but both can be overcome. Quick access to Harmon (both directions) will get you off The Strip in a hurry, and two different grocery store chains in our area deliver your order to your doorstep for around $10-15. Find out more at PS If any of our readers enjoy high-rise living on or near The Strip, we’d love to hear about your experience. Please drop us a note using our contact info later in the newsletter.

The Lion Won’t Roar Forever – Just a reminder that Disney’s “The Lion King” ends its Mandalay Bay run at the end of this year to make way for the Michael Jackson Cirque show. You can click on The Lion King graphic in the right-hand sidebar to book tickets directly.

Speaking Of Show Tickets – A recent news article in the R-J did an expose on the 1/2 price ticket booths you’ll find both on The Strip and downtown. Evidently, many think they can waltz into town and get tickets to major shows like Garth Brooks both at discount and at the last minute. Not going to happen.

Also, the majority of tickets were discounted but certainly not 1/2 off. Our advice? If you want to go to one of the better shows (and if you want decent seats), book online well in advance of your trip. When buying a same-day ticket at a discount booth, you’ll be getting what’s left of the leftovers when it comes toáshows and especially seating.

Telling Numbers – In 2005, our local water district hooked up over 24,000 new homes. How many new hook-ups are they projecting this year? Just under 1000. Growth has effectively ground to a halt for now. A glut of homes on the market in almost all price ranges due to foreclosures (and often the foreclosed upon leaving town) continues to make it an incredible time to get some property. My research shows that habitable homes in reasonably decent shape in many of the older neighborhoods are available in the $80k range.

You can get a decent condo for as low as $30,000 (vacation home, yeahhhhh) and if you can spend double that, you can do well for yourself. Example: 4200 S Valley View is a 2 bed, 2 bath condo literally right across the street from The Rio/Gold Coast/Palms in the shadow of The Strip. (I have no association with the property or owners. This is just an example). Important note for those looking at condos: According to local Realtor (and real estate guru) Bridget Magnus, you need to buy a condo for CASH. Banks will not finance them here.

Memorial Day Weekend Uptick – Hotel room occupancy for the holiday weekend is noted at 96%, up a couple of points from last year. Considering that rates are up about 15% (for this particular weekend), that is an amazingly strong showing. Traffic to McCarran Airport was up slightly over 2% in April (compared to April 2010) as well. Of course, I predicted all of this in March when my very own eyes told me how busy things were getting again.

We still get a couple of emails each month saying “Airfare it too high, things are too expensive, we won’t be coming to Las Vegas this summer”. If you can’t make it, stay subscribed and we’ll keep you prepared for your next trip. But…

Evidently, we don’t have a current shortage of people who want to visit. We’re seeing this personally with Subscribership to this newsletter is on an upswing (after being pretty flat during the recession) and our IT guy just said we need to upgrade our server situation to handle increased traffic. Thanks for subscribing, visiting the site, and telling your friends!

Smoking Ban Update – We’ve had significant interest in the proposed changes to Nevada’s smoking ban. For the most part, visitors won’t notice any difference. Casino floors will still be exempted and smoking will be prohibited in non-gaming areas. The change (most likely to pass the current legislature) simply allows bars/taverns to allow smoking and food service at the same time. After the passage of the ban, many bars simply stopped serving food as to comply. (Fantastic… now you have the roads filled with hungry, drunk people who otherwise could have gotten something to eat and soak up the booze with). Others have flouted the law and continued to turn a blind eye at smokers while continuing to serve food. The law has never been enforced. Hence, this legislation is merely changing the letter of the law to match current practices regarding the law.

Over the past decade, Nevada saw a huge influx of residents from “nanny states” where excessive regulation and piles of “don’t do this, don’t do that” laws exist. This should be a lesson to those thinking of moving here: Nevada is still a very libertarian state. Live and let live. If you want to come in and vote in super-restrictive laws (I bet most of the people who voted for the smoking ban don’t even frequent bars and taverns), we’ll figure out a way to put things back the way they are supposed to be.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not advocating for smoking in schools and government buildings and similar. But to tell the owner of an (age) 21+ establishment which legal, adult activities he can allow in his own business is reaching way too far. 77% of the adult U.S. population does not smoke. If non-smoking bars were in demand, they would be all the rage without any government regulation.

Enjoy This Issue!

Associate Editor: Amy Rayner-Cooley
News Researcher/Editor: Rick Ziegler

Pussycat Dolls Burlesque Saloon to Celebrate Grand Opening Saturday, June 4, with Special Guest Carmen Electra – Pussycat Dolls Burlesque Saloon will bring extra sizzle to the Strip with an over-the-top grand opening celebration featuring a performance by internationally-known beauty, Carmen Electra, at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino on Saturday, June 4, 2011. “Carmen Electra is synonymous with sex appeal,ö says Pussycat Dolls founder, Robin Antin. ôShe is an amazing dancer and performer and I am so honored to have her as our special guest for the Pussycat Dolls Burlesque Saloon grand opening.”

Playboy Comedy Las Vegas announces June 2011 headliners including Andrew “Dice” Clay – Award-winning Playboy Comedy announces the June 2011 schedule of comedians. Hosted by Cort McCown and Paul Hughes, all shows take place inside The Lounge at the Palms Casino Resort.

Playboy Comedy:
* June 2-4 û Bret Ernst
* June 9-11 û Harland Williams
* June 16-18 û Bryan Callen
* June 23-25 ûAndrew Dice Clay* This show has special pricing
* June 30 û July 2 û Ian Bagg and Ryan Hamilton

Show Times:
* Thursday û 10 p.m.
* Friday û 10 p.m.
* Saturday û 8 p.m. and 10 p.m.

Jersey Boys Star to Produce “NF Hope Concert” on June 12 at the Las Vegas Hilton û Las Vegas Stars Gordie Brown, Rich Little and Cast of Jersey Boys Are Among Performers – Jeff Leibow of JERSEY BOYS is producing the ôNF Hope Concertö set to take place on June 12 at 1:30 p.m. at the Las Vegas Hilton Proceeds from the concert will be donated to NF, Inc., an organization that serves families and individuals with neurofibromatosis, which is more commonly known as NF. ôNF Hope Concertö will be hosted by Improv Comedy veteran Matt Donnelly and KTNV Channel 13 Anchor Lisa Remillard, include performances by some of Las VegasÆ biggest stars and also have a great silent auction. The star-studded concert will include performances by Gordie Brown, Rich Little, Dezmond Meeks, Human Nature, Santa Fe and cast members from Jersey Boys, Phantom – The Las Vegas Spectacular, and The Lion King. Silent auction items include tickets to Celine Dion, Donny and Marie, Terry Fator, Phantom, The Lion King, and Jersey Boys show memorabilia, restaurant certificates, spa certificates and more. Tickets start at $39 and are available by calling the Las Vegas Hilton box office (702) 732-5755

DisneyÆs, THE LION KING, at Mandalay Bay Welcomes Its One Millionth Guest with Ultimate Summer Vacation Package – DisneyÆs THE LION KING at Mandalay Bay Resont and Casino in Las Vegas welcomed its one millionth guest Saturday, May 21 during ôFan Appreciation Monthö as part of its two-year anniversary celebration. THE LION KINGÆs run in Las Vegas marks the productionÆs longest sit-down engagement off Broadway in North America.

The Welch family of Las Vegas was named the lucky winner and received an ultimate summer getaway. The family û comprised of parents Robert and Shaneka, and daughters Rachael, 7, and Kaitlynn, 6 û saw THE LION KING for the first time as their MotherÆs Day gift to Shaneka. The 16-year Vegas residentsÆ prize package includes an all-expenses-paid trip to New York City where they will enjoy DisneyÆs Mary Poppins and THE LION KING on Broadway. Before jetting off to the Big Apple, the family will celebrate with a relaxing two-night staycation at Mandalay Bay in a luxurious suite. The Welch family poses with Zaire Adams, Lauryn Hardy and Jelani Remy of THE LION KING.

Maverick Wind Dancer Sunset Helicopter TourMaverick Wind Dancer Sunset Helicopter Tour û Enjoy an extended landing time in Hualapai Indian Territory. Champagne, beverages and hors d’oeuvres will be served. Adventure concludes with a sunset flight over Downtown Las Vegas and the Las Vegas Strip.

Click To Book Maverick Wind Dancer Sunset Helicopter Tour Now!

What We’re Watching û Vegas Videos You’ll Enjoy

Members Mania – We Love Our Readers!

johnny carson buddy rich sahara hotel las vegasI really enjoyed the latest issue. Especially the articles about The Sahara. People don’t know how cool that place was.Thanks for enlightening everyone.

I remember going there in 1979. I took this picture. I’m a drummer and wanted to see the show. Buddy Rich was, and still is my hero. Johnny Carson,was a drummer too! The maitre d’ told me the show was $75.00 and was sold out. I was sad, but $75.00 was lotáfor just a kid. I was 20 pears old but i was tall. So they never kicked me out,of the casinos.

A few years ago, i attended a show called Saturday Night Fever. I went with Monti Rock who was in the original movie. We had a great time. He like myself,áliked the place. One thing i remember: The buffet was the best deal,on the strip. At least, I thought it was.

Feel free to use the picture if you like. Have a great summer.

Jim Dougherty from Ohio

I miss The Westward Ho, also!!……..

My wife and I along with our children (8 and 5) are planning a trip to California to visit DisneyLand. The kids however, want to see Las Vegas as my wife and I have frequented on several occasions. Our new plan is to fly into Vegas, spend a night or two then drive on to California. We will do our thing in California and return to Vegas for a night or two and fly home.

Can you or any of your colleagues offer advice on:

A- Rental Cars. Where is the best spot to get them. I recall reading in a previous newsletter of yours that the airport is substantially more expensive. Can you offer advice as to where to go for rental cars and the relative ease of obtaining it. It is mind numbing enough traveling with the kids,

B- Attractions to see on the drive from Vegas to California. Is Route 66 an option? The kids loved the movie Cars and if it is not too far fetched they would love to travel it.

Anything you and your team can offer in advice would be appreciated. The kids tend to be more excited to visit Vegas than DisneyLand at this point. That says a great deal for my parenting skills.

Love the news,

Keith Middleton


Ted Responds:

Hertz, Avis, and Dollar have locations at various strip hotels. Enterprise (as they say) will come pick you up from their near-strip locations. All of which let you avoid the airport rental car tax.

I’d get online or call around to compare rates with Hertz, Avis, and Dollar (about their hotel locations) plus see what Enterprise will do.

There are pretty much no attractions between here and Southern California except a ghost town at Calico. Save the fun for Disney.

Route 66 would be a significant detour. It would turn the 5-6 hour trip to Anaheim into a 10-12 hour trip. Save it for another Vegas trip and make a day trip of it. For those so inclined, break out Google Maps and follow along:

* Las Vegas to Kingman, AZ (old Route 66 town, have lunch). You can add in a stop at Hoover Dam on the way to make a morning out of it. 2 hour drive without Hoover Dam stop.

* Kingman to Oatman, AZ. Oatman is probably the most famous old western mining town on all of 66 and still has a general store, old hotel, gift shops. Highly recommended. I’ve been there before and look forward to visiting again. This is the oldest alignment of 66 and very scenic through the mountains. 1 hour drive.

* Oatman to Laughlin, NV via Topock, AZ and Needles, CA. You’ll continue to follow the “old road” to Topock where you’ll cross the Colorado River (on the freeway) and get to see the original bridge that was viewed in Grapes Of Wrath (which can also be seen in the opening credits of Easy Rider). 2 hours.

* Laughlin to Las Vegas. Dinner at Laughlin (most of the casinos have cheap buffets) then the 90 minute drive back to Las Vegas. Don’t speed through Searchlight. Everybody gets stopped there.

Notes: All of the route noted is paved and maintained. Do not do this in June – August because of the heat. Even the old parts of 66 are pretty well traveled but be safe and carry a couple extra gallons of bottled water and some snack food and breakfast bars. Fill up with gas in Kingman. No gas in the middle of nowhere! If you need to cut the trip short or just get thatáOK, I’ve seen enough of Arizona feeling, use a more direct route from Oatman to Laughlin.

Hope this helps. Have fun!

We love to hear from you, and value your feedback! Here’s how to participate:

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More Las Vegas News – Concerts – Events

Access Vegas Insider Vibe May 18, 2011 Insider Vibe

Serving Las Vegas Visitors and Residents Since 1999

Welcome to the Insider Vibe! This is the official newsletter of AccessVegas.Com. We talk about the Las Vegas activities you really care about. Quick Info Menu:

Las Vegas Essentials
Seasonal Vegas Information
Featured Shows

12’th Anniversary Issue!

Newkirk’s Notes – comments on Las Vegas from AccessVegas.Com publisher Ted Newkirk:

Hello From Las Vegas! – We’ve had over a week of global warming unusually cool weather. Temps in the 60’s and low 70’s F, far and away below our May average of 88 degrees. Add this to the unusual brutal cold this winter (many nights under freezing including New Years Eve) and I’m thinking that maybe global warming isn’t so bad after all. (Please don’t bother with the 10 page emails full of environmental “facts” — I’m not trying to get into a debate here). Fortunately, the next 10 day forecast revealsá highs returning to normal.

Time Flies When You Don’t Know What You’re Doing – Happy Anniversary to this very newsletter! The first issue of Insider Vibe was published on May 20, 1999 and we’re now marking 12 years. We started as a combination blog/newsletter way back before “blog”s existed. Each issue has gone out via email and posted simultaneously online since day one. During the boom, many jumped on the Las Vegas new media bandwagon. I’m here to tell you that along with guys like Bill “Billhere” Mandel (who originated the very first Las Vegas email newsletter, no longer published), Randy Shandis Matt Weatherford, and a few others, we didn’t jump on the bandwagon. We built the first wheels on this bandwagon back in the 90’s!

Don’t get me wrong… I’m a big fan of the proliferation of Las Vegas information on the internet. I follow much of it. So many niches have been carved out covering just about every aspect of this city forávisitors, locals, and those interested in the business side.

Us? We’re going to stick to our original plan: Giving you the best variety of all the latest and greatest things to do in my fine city with a dose of “insider” commentary thrown in for good measure. Our readership continues to grow. Thank you all so much for both reading and telling your friends to head over to where they can subscribe themselves!

Hilton Pool Party – Once again, the Las Vegas Hilton is doing their “all are invited” pool party (no charge, don’t have to be staying there) daily from 4-8 PM featuring 2-for-1 drink specials, $2 shrimp cocktails, $3 ceviche, and live entertainment 5:30PM to 8:00PM. We checked it out last year, enjoyed it, and plan to return.

Tweet For Drinks – PBR Rockbar at The Aladdin Planet Hollywood offers an open bar from 10 PM to Midnight on Thursdays. The catch? You must have your smart phone with you, show that you are following them on Twitter (@PBRrockbar), and tweet that you are there. Still, small price to pay for free booze right on The Strip!

Vegas A Coffee Hot Spot? According to, Las Vegas comes in 5’th on the list of cities where the average person spends the most at coffee shops each month ($32 average). We are behind Seattle (wow, what a shock), San Jose, Phoenix, and my hometown of Portland, Oregon.

Vegas and coffee? More responsible are the influx of entrepreneurs who will settle into a coffee shop for an hour, use the wi-fi, and get something to eat. Self-employed people from around the country who can live anywhere (IE, simply need internet access, their computer, phone, and a good airport nearby) are finding Las Vegas an incredibly desirable place to live with no personal income taxes, nice climate, and bargain homes.

Yet Another Arena Proposal – Hot on the heels of a proposed three stadium/arena complex on the campus of UNLV, yet another developer is touting pretty much the same thing just across the I-15 from Mandalay Bay. The goal (among other things) is to bring a major league sports franchise to Las Vegas. Look… markets our size (around 2 million residents) generally clamor for a “big league” sports franchise because if it weren’t for the nightly mentions on ESPN, people would forget the city existed. I truly don’t think we have that problem here. Having said that, if the new facilities help us draw (or keep) significant events such as the National Finals Rodeo andácan be built without substantial public money, go for it.

Welcome Back! – Visitor numbers were up 5.6% in March (as compared to March 2010) and hotel occupancy is creeping back up toward the 90% range. Note: Most markets would KILL for an occupancy rate like that. A minor concern exists that visitors aren’t spending as much as they were per visit during the boom. To that I say So What? If you have a restaurant with 100 guests per night and you start to get 110 guests each evening with an unchanged average in the check, you’re still doing better than you were!

Too many people still hold the boom to be “normal” (mainly because so many people moved here during the boom that it was all they knew). I’ve said it before and will say it again: Things are a lot more “normal” right now. We’re seeing nice numbers. People in the local tourism industry are starting to be able to make a living again. As far as visitors and tourism are concerned, let’s enjoy the uptick.

Enjoy This Issue!

Associate Editor: Amy Rayner-Cooley
News Researcher/Editor: Rick Ziegler

Oh What A Night! Jersey Boys Celebrated Three Smash Hit Years In Las Vegas On May 12

(From L to R: Deven May, Travis Cloer, showgirl, cake by Freed’s Bakery, showgirl, Rick Faugno, Jeff Leibow, Peter Saide)

JERSEY BOYS celebrated its third anniversary on Thursday, May 12 in front of a full house at The Jersey Boys Theatre at The Palazzo Resort-Hotel-Casino. In honor of the milestone, a one-of-a-kind JERSEY BOYS cake was presented on stage to the talented cast and crew by Vegas showgirls.

Fremont Street Experience Hosts “Nina Blackwood’s Absolutely 80s” Summer – 100 Days Of Free Entertainment Kicks Off Memorial Day Weekend And Runs Through Labor Day Weekend – The music and culture of the 1980s will take over downtown Las Vegas this summer as Fremont Street Experience hosts “Nina Blackwood’s Absolutely 80s” concert series and festival. The 100-day flashback to the ’80s kicks off Memorial Day Weekend and runs through Labor Day Weekend. Original MTV VJ Nina Blackwood will be guest host to a series of free headliner concerts at Fremont Street Experience.

Rod Stewart Returns To Las Vegas With “The Hits.” To Celebrate His First Residency At The Colosseum At Caesars Palace – Legendary rock icon Rod Stewart confirmed his long-rumored return to The Colosseum at Caesars Palace for the first 18 concerts of his two-year Las Vegas residency, kicking off on August 24, 2011. Rod Stewart: The Hits. will be a concert celebration featuring a set list of the rock and R&B favorites which have defined Stewart’s unparalleled five-decade-long career.

Rockhouse Las Vegas Is Las Vegas’ One Stop Spot For Everything NBA Finals – Diehard basketball fans can look no further because Rockhouse is hosting NBA Finals parties for every fanatic from the East to West coast. From June 2 û 16 Rockhouse will show every NBA Final game on their 28 flat-screen TVs while basketball fans can also enjoy $5 shots and two-for-one beers during game time. Additionally, any patron that wears their team’s jersey during the game will receive their first drink for free and anyone wearing a winning jersey will receive a free shot to celebrate their teams big win.

The Annual “Fire and Rain” Firefighter Bachelor Auction Returns June 4 And Is “Hot Hot Hot” – On Saturday, June 4 from 6 p.m. û 10 p.m. Southern Nevada’s most eligible firefighters will strut their stuff in the 12th Annual “Fire and Rain” Firefighter Bachelor Auction, hosted by the Firefighters of Southern Nevada Burn Foundation. The event will take place at RAIN Nightclub inside the Palms Casino Resort with proceeds benefiting the Firefighters of Southern Nevada Burn Foundation’s programs and services as well as the UMC Lions Burn Center, Las Vegas’ only burn care center.

Caesars Entertainment Shows Military Appreciation With Free And Discounted Show Tickets And Spa Treatments – In appreciation of America’s armed forces and in celebration of Memorial Day, Caesars Entertainment Las Vegas resorts invite military members to enjoy several spa and entertainment offerings free of charge or at discounted prices. Military personnel, including active members and retirees, can present their government issued military identification cards in exchange for the following offers:

El Cortez Hotel & Casino Kicks Off 70th Anniversary Celebrations With Wine Walk And Viewing Of “Bugsy”El Cortez Hotel & Casino will begin its 70th anniversary celebrations with a wine walk and special viewing of the film “Bugsy” on the Jackie Gaughan Parkway on Friday, May 27 at 7 p.m. Admission to the wine walk is $20 per person, and the event will feature a large selection of wines from California, Oregon, Washington State and Europe. Additionally, Lulu’s On The Move food truck will be on the Jackie Gaughan Parkway to offer guests a delicious selection of dining options.

Overnight Sunset at the Grand Canyon West Rim Self Drive PackageOvernight Sunset at the Grand Canyon West Rim Self Drive Package û This self-drive package from Las Vegas gives you the flexibility to create your own itinerary for exploring the Grand Canyon West Rim. When you hit the road you will pass Boulder City and Lake Mead to Hoover Dam. Your day is free to explore before heading to Hualapai Ranch.

Click To Book Overnight Sunset at the Grand Canyon West Rim Self Drive Package Now!

What We’re Watching û Vegas Videos You’ll Enjoy

We usually use this section to highlight a number of fun Las Vegas videos we’ve found all over the internet. This week, we’d like to highlight a couple of cool new shows on the Vegas Video Network that we’re already big fans of:

  • Talktails With Chris “Zowie Bowie” Phillips – Do you miss Vintage Vegas (or want to experience what you never were able to see)? Do you miss the days of fun TV talk shows where the celebs and the host were really playing off of each other and having a good time like Carson in his heyday or Merv Griffin? (Sorry Conan and Jimmy Fallon, but you guys are stiff as a board and not remotely funny).What if such a talk show existed hosted by one of the top lounge acts in Las Vegas and each week featured guests from some of the great Las Vegas shows and top entertainers? And… what if you mixed that with some real drinking? You’d get Talktails, the incredible fun, interesting, and downright funny new show from the Vegas Video Network. If you love Vegas, this is must-watch online TV.
  • Top Of The Food Chain – Al Mancini is a wild-looking guy. He’s also one of our city’s top food critics. Oh… he also happens to be amazingly educated and knowledgeable about food and dining. If you want to find out about all the great places to eat in Las Vegas (high-end and otherwise) and want a no-nonsense “everyman” education of food, wine, cheese, cocktails and more, you’ll enjoy Top Of The Food Chain.

Members Mania – We Love Our Readers!

Mick writes in response to our note about all the food specials at Fitzgerald’s in our previous issue.

Its great to hear about some food deals coming back. When will the casinos realize that good deals on food is what made Vegas what is was. We have three casinos in Central Illinois ,and one casino gets most of the business because they have great food at great prices. Most of the people that go there for great food and prices end up gambling, including myself. Oh by the way my next visit to Vegas will include a trip to Fitzgerald’s.

Mick from Illinois

Thank you for the newsletters every week! Have a question: Are they still building the Echelon or what is happening with this? With the cost of flying, we might not be traveling to Vegas this summer. It will be our first summer in years not to visit. My friend was there for 9 days at the end of February and he said that the machines suck! He stayed at the Vegas Club. We are always comped there.

Again, thank you for the newsletters!

Bevy from Pittsburgh, PA


Ted Responds:

No question airfares are spiking between the cost of oil and the demand for summer travel. I’ll expect to see room rates moderate to help make up for it. Plus, since you are comped at Vegas Club, that holds down the cost. Certainly hope you can return soon.

Speaking of the Vegas Club downtown, they have heard the complaints and a few weeks ago loosened all of their slots by around 40%. And, all of downtown still generally sports looser slots than The Strip.

Every once in a while, we get an email saying “Vegas has tightened the slots, I couldn’t win anything this trip”. Keep in mind that anything can happen on a given visit. If you visit regularly, you’ll have the occasional stay where it almost seems like you can’t lose and you’ll have some great runs and take home a profit. On the flip side, you’ll have that occasional trip where you can’t hit a thing.

I enjoy video poker from time-to-time. I’ll go out and take $40 and put it in a (nearly) full-pay machine either downtown or at a local casino. Usually, it lasts quite a while before I finally lose it all. Almost to the point that I’m getting bored of playing for so long! Sometimes I get a nice win (like the last time I played, hitting 5 four-of-a-kinds in less than 10 minutes). But… every once in a while, it will suck down the money so fast that I don’t know that happened. The low of averages simply states that once in a while, you get the short end of the stick.

My advice? If you just can’t seem to win on a certain trip, lay off the tables/machines and find other things to spend your money on. See a show. You’re guaranteed to get the entertainment you paid for. Same with dining. Go enjoy a really nice meal where once again, you pretty much know exactly what you are getting for your money.

Ted Newkirk

We love to hear from you, and value your feedback! Here’s how to participate:

  • Want to comment on a current reader post? Use the comment box on that particular web page. Many of the stories we post also have comment boxes at the end of the story. Make your voice heard!
  • Drop us an email at [email protected] – We read them all!
  • Call our recorded comment line at 702-507-0055. We listen to every call.

Closing of the Sahara Hotel Stories

More Las Vegas News – Concerts – Events

Access Vegas Insider Vibe May 11, 2011 Insider Vibe

Serving Las Vegas Visitors and Residents Since 1999

Welcome to the Insider Vibe! This is the official newsletter of AccessVegas.Com. We talk about the Las Vegas activities you really care about. Quick Info Menu:

Las Vegas Essentials
Seasonal Vegas Information
Featured Shows

Newkirk’s Notes – comments on Las Vegas from AccessVegas.Com publisher Ted Newkirk:

Ted is busy on some exciting new projects we’ll be debuting soon. He’ll return next week. In the meantime, enjoy this issue prepared by staff.

Associate Editor: Amy Rayner-Cooley
News Researcher/Editor: Rick Ziegler

First Food & Bar Springs Into The Season With An Updated Sunday Brunch Menu – FIRST Food & Bar – the restaurant and lounge set in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip that serves up creative culinary delights daily inside The Palazzo. Serving Sunday Brunch featuring an extensive selection of American eats from FIRST’s menu, in addition to an unlimited champagne fountain, Absolut Bloody Mary cart and a live DJ performance.

Vegas Video Network Launches New Show ‘Talktails With Chris Phillips’ – Zowie Bowie’s Chris Phillips To Host (Co-hosting Will Be A Glass Of Crown Royal On The Rocks) – The VEGAS VIDEO NETWORK«, the first and only live online broadcasting network in Las Vegas,áannounced the addition of “Talktails with Chris Phillips” to its network of live programming. The show will be hosted by Las Vegas-favorite Zowie Bowie’s Chris Phillips live every MONDAY at 4:00PM Pacific.

Chris Phillips is better known as Zowie Bowie to tens-of-thousands of Las Vegas locals and visitors alike. Since his arrival in Las Vegas five years ago, Chris (as Zowie Bowie) has proven a guy with a microphone in one hand and a Crown Royal on-the-rocks in another can draw standing room-only crowds in casinos on and off the world famous Las Vegas Strip.

Thursdays Are About To Get A Whole Lot More Relaxing & Refreshing – Tommy Bahama’s Restaurant & Bar At Town Square Las Vegas Announces Patio Thursdays – Long known for promoting the concept of Life is One Long Weekend, Tommy Bahama’s Restaurant & Bar at Town Square is ready to take the island-lifestyle outdoors just in time to enjoy the spring nights and sultry breezes. Patio Thursdays is designed to create the perfect escape from the normal routine; it’s about grabbing a few friends, turning the smart phone off and taking part in a three hour mini-vacation from the ordinary.

Fantasy Las Vegas Reveals Sexy Showgirl Of The Month, Yesi – FANTASY, Luxor Hotel and Casino’s steamy adult revue, has launched its sexy Showgirl of the Month campaign. Showcasing its gorgeous dancers, FANTASY’s Showgirl of the Month will give fans a chance to learn a little more about their favorite performer. FANTASY’S May Showgirl of the Month is Yesi. The exotic beauty from Ciudad Habana, Cuba loves to stay in touch with her culture by cooking Cuban food and sipping on pina coladas. She also enjoys working out regularly to keep her sexy Latina curves in tip-top shape for dancing and modeling.

Blue Man Group Partners With Three Square – Offers Free Tickets In Exchange For Donations At Summer Stock Up Food Drive May 21 – In support of the nonprofit organization, Blue Man Group hosts the Summer Stock Up food drive where locals can bring nonperishable food items to the Blue Man Group Theatre inside The Venetian from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, May 21. In exchange for their donations, Blue Man Group will offer one complimentary ticket per person to either the 7 or 10 p.m. performance the same evening and a 15 percent off coupon to the Blue Man Group retail store.

Guests Savor In Master Series Dinners By Caesars Palace Chefs – Last night some of the finest chefs in the world put their talents on display at Caesars Palace for the first night of Bon AppÚtit Uncork’d. Renowned chefs Guy Savoy, Bradley Ogden, Franþois Payard, and the Pellegrino and Straci families that serves as the foundation of Rao’s restaurant prepared special menus as part of the sold-out Master Series dinners. Ticketed guests had the unique opportunity to dine on dishes prepared by the chefs and their teams while sipping on wine specially paired with the chef’s menu. Guests to these exclusive dinners had the opportunity to speak in-depth one-on-one and have a truly personal experience with world famous Chefs. Photo Credit: ® Erik Kabik/ RETNA/

Rockhouse Starts Summer With Monumentous Memorial Day Weekend Party – Memorial Day Weekend will mark the beginning of summer as Rockhouse takes over the Las Vegas Strip with an extravaganza like no other. Starting the festivities off right, Rockhouse will offer Memorial Day partiers with $5 shots and two-for-one beers during the official summer kickoff weekend. Additionally, Rockhouse will close the weekend out with an ultimate beer pong tournament. Teams of two can buy in for $30 and the winning team will win the grand prize of $500. Teams can register at starting Tuesday, May 3 with any major credit card.

Second Annual Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Crowned At Fremont Street Experience In Downtown Las Vegas – Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. (EPE), Las Vegas’ famed Fremont Street Experience and the celebrated tribute artist production “Legends in Concert,” presented the Second Annual Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest this weekend. On Friday, May 6 and Saturday, May 7, Fremont Street Experience hosted the only Las Vegas EPE-sanctioned preliminary round of the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest.

McFadden’s Celebrates May Birthday Madness – May Birthdays Drink Free Saturday, May 21 – McFadden’s Restaurant and Saloon at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino is throwing a massive May birthday bash on Saturday, May 21. The Irish hot spot will celebrate an entire month of birthdays in one mega celebration.

Las Vegas Strip Night TourLas Vegas Strip Night Tour û Take a neon-lit evening tour of the fabulous Las Vegas Strip. You’ll see all the sights and resorts, and be entertained and informed by your friendly guide. From the beautiful atrium and dancing water at the Bellagio to the stars of Madame Tussaud’s at the Venetian you won’t want to miss any of these Las Vegas icons.

Click To Book Las Vegas Strip Night Tour Now!

We love to hear from you, and value your feedback! Here’s how to participate:

  • Want to comment on a current reader post? Use the comment box on that particular web page. Many of the stories we post also have comment boxes at the end of the story. Make your voice heard!
  • Drop us an email at [email protected] – We read them all!
  • Call our recorded comment line at 702-507-0055. We listen to every call.

More Las Vegas News – Concerts – Events

Access Vegas Insider Vibe May 4, 2011 Insider Vibe

Serving Las Vegas Visitors and Residents Since 1999

Welcome to the Insider Vibe! This is the official newsletter of AccessVegas.Com. We talk about the Las Vegas activities you really care about. Quick Info Menu:

Las Vegas Essentials
Featured Shows

Newkirk’s Notes – comments on Las Vegas from AccessVegas.Com publisher Ted Newkirk:

Hello From Las Vegas! I’d tell you all about the weather, but it can’t seem to make up its own mind. Low 70’s the last weekend of April, follow by a week of mid-90’s and my air conditioner running all all hours except late-night into mid-morning. We’re looking at cool-ish temps again for Monday and Tuesday (72F on Monday, brrrrrrr) then the 10 day forecast has us in the 80’s.

I’d be remiss in noting our best for those in the U.S. that have been pummeled by tornadoes and floods. Our IT guy Robert lives in Northwest Alabama (we don’t outsource our IT), not far from some of the hardest hit areas. Fortunately, he got lucky as the heavy tornadoes missed his area and even more lucky as a big tree fell into his driveway from wind, just missing his house. Add to that what the Mighty Mississippi is doing to areas of the heartland, it has been a tough Spring for many (to say the least).

Did We Have A Party, Or What? – Wow, a huge thanks to all who turned out for our event at Nikki Cafe and Beach at The Tropicana! The weather was flawless and in the upper 80’s F. Both we at and the combined to bring a serious crowd to the outdoor patio overlooking the stunning new (redone) pool area at The Trop. Upwards of 80 RSVP’s with just about everyone making it despite the two-week notice and mid-week timing. Fantastic!

Access Vegas and Vegas Video Network at Nikki Beach Nightclub, Tropicana

My only regret is that I didn’t have more time to spend with everyone who showed up, talking Vegas and finding out how your trip was going.

Nikki was fantastic and the patio was standing-room-only (and barely) as the evening wore on. Everybody raved about seeing the “new” Tropicana and seemed to have a great time. We WILL have future events, but probably have them on more of a regular basis and scale them down a little bit so everybody can get to know each other better. But this was one shindig I won’t soon forget!

You can watch Vegas Video Network’s recap of the event at Living in Las Vegas #106: Our Nikki Beach Happy Hour

More Good News For Las Vegas – I didn’t plan on this being a regular feature, but at this rate it might be:

  • Sellout of Newport Lofts condo project seen as positive sign for area – John Tippins sees the sellout of Newport Lofts as a sign that people are more willing to take a chance on downtown Las Vegas. The remaining 41 units at Newport have been sold by ST Residential, a company selected by the FDIC to manage the condo development at Casino Center Boulevard and Hoover Avenue.
  • Las Vegas economy perks up a bit, taxable sales figures show taxable sales up again for Nevada – Nevada’s taxable sales, which measure the dollar value of tangible goods sold through the state’s merchants, jumped 4.3 percent, to $2.9 billion, in February when compared with the same month in 2010. Clark County’s taxable sales gained 3.2 percent year over year, coming in at $2.2 billion in the month.
  • Taxi trip numbers suggest increase in tourist visits – Statistics compiled by the Nevada Taxicab Authority show a big increase in taxi trips for March and the for first three months of 2011. They reports that monthly trips increased by 8.4 percent in March over the same month last year. The number of trips increased 7.15 percent to 6.8 million for the first three months.

    This does not mean the cabbies are behaving any better. You might also wish to read Las Vegas cabdrivers say theyÆre driven to cheat

  • Analyst says $100,000 home making comeback in Las Vegas – Once considered nearly extinct in Las Vegas, the $100,000 home has made a strong comeback in recent years. The median price of an existing home has fallen from its peak of $285,000 in 2006 to $108,000 in March, Las Vegas-based SalesTraq reported.

New Performing Arts Center Will Be A Bust (My Prediction) – Using a hike in rental car tax dollars, (what a nice way to screw over visitors… bilk them for renting a car so they can enjoy more of our area), downtown’s new performing arts center is coming into the completion phase. Touted as a major piece of the revitalization of downtown, I’m just not seeing it perform (no pun intended) as advertised. We already have plenty of mid-sized venues, including the venues that host nationally (and internationally) televised award shows and concerts.

I’m not saying that events at the new performing arts center will fail to draw. But the kind of people who are going to enjoy a touring Broadway show or symphonic concert aren’t exactly going to then flock downtown to hit Fremont Street or even the trendy East Fremont District. (It’s not even a super-close walk). They are going to get in their car and drive home. This is supposed to help downtown how?

My Endorsement – We usually stay out of politics, but as an official Las Vegas resident (I actually live inside the city limits), I’ll be voting for Carolyn Goodman (Oscar’s wife) for Mayor. Opponent Chris Giunchigliani is a nice lady, sharp, committed. But the combined weight of Oscar Goodman and all that he’s accomplished with his vision for downtown and now with his wife continuing the work, I feel that Carolyn is the best choice to continue to move downtown forward. Oh, and when Giunchigliani was in the State Assembly, she was directly responsible for the rental car tax used to build the performing arts center.áChris Giunchigliani, bilking visitors. Speaking of downtown…

Fitzgerald’s Food Deals – To those who keep complaining that Las Vegas no longer has deals… stop it! Just got a flyer from Fitgerald’s downtown and their Courtyard Cafe is offering Rib-Eye Steak with all the trimmings plus soup/salad bar for $8.99, or a half-rack of ribs plus trimmings and soup/salad bar for $6.99. (Applebees and Chili’s will set you back more than twice that amount, without the salad bar). Both of these run 11 AM to 9 PM. Up earlier? $1.99 will get you 2 eggs, breakfast potatoes and toast from 7 AM to 10 AM.

Enjoy This Issue!

Ted Newkirk, CEO/Manging Editor
Associate Editor: Amy Rayner-Cooley
News Researcher/Editor: Rick Ziegler

World’s Richest BBQ Contest; ‘Ribba Ramma’ Amateur Rib Cook-off To Benefit UNLV Athletics – The Festival Is Free And Open To The Public – As summer starts to sizzle in Las Vegas, so will The Orleans Hotel and Casino with more than 100 of the world’s top-ranked professional grilling teams vie for their piece of the largest barbecue purse totaling $125,000 in prizes at The Orleans USA Barbecue Championships and food festival, May 21 and 22.

Zowie Bowie’s Vintage Vegas Show Featuring Marley Taylor Runs Every Sunday At Green Valley Ranch – Celebrating his love for old “Vegas,” Chris Phillips, aka Zowie Bowie, pays homage to the city’s entertainment roots with Zowie Bowie’s Vintage Vegas Show featuring Marley Taylor. The evening of classic tunes and the “Rat Pack” style banter can be seen every Sunday at 7 p.m. at Ovation inside Green Valley Ranch. “Ever since I took up singing and then moved to Vegas, I wanted to pay tribute to that old vibe that made the city what it is today,” said Chris Phillips. “This show is really all about cufflinks and cocktails and going back to the maverick spirit that this city was based on in the first place.” Photo Credit Erik Kabik

Bellagio Las Vegas Announces 2011 Epicurean Epicenter SeriesBellagio, recipient of 10 consecutive AAA Five Diamond Awards, proudly presents the 2011 schedule for its extraordinary Epicurean Epicenter Series. Guests will watch talented chefs prepare their masterpieces and then moments later will savor the cuisine paired with wine from the world’s finest vintages. The series consists of culinary events featuring the unparalleled talents of renowned Bellagio chefs including Julian Serrano, Akira Back, Martin Heierling and Edmund Wong along with rare vintages and varietals from celebrated wineries including Williams Selyem, Husic Vineyards and Araujo Estate.

2011 World Series Of Slots In Las Vegas Awards Over $250,000 – The third annual World Series of Slots tournament, held at the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino April 15-17, welcomed nearly 300 competitors from around the country battling through numerous exciting rounds, and awarded approximately $250,000 in prize money. Houston resident James Hudson, walked away as the world champion with the $100,000 grand prize and championship bracelet for his slot victory, followed by Lance Purcell in second place with $15,000, Gomer Hill in third place winning $10,000 and Alfredo Hasbunghattas rounding out the top four with $8,000 in prize money.

El Cortez Las Vegas Hotel & Casino May Promotions And Events – CafÚ Cortez Dinner Specials – Visit CafÚ Cortez for prime rib dinner for only $7.95. Meal includes choice of soup or salad. CafÚ also offers a fajita dinner for just $8.95. CafÚ Cortez also offers a full Chinese menu served from 4 to 10 p.m. Graveyard Specials – CafÚ Cortez serves a limited graveyard menu Sunday through Thursday from 10:30 p.m. to 7 a.m. Specials include: Two eggs with choice of bacon or sausage, breakfast potatoes and toast for $4.75 plus tax. Ham and two eggs, breakfast potatoes and toast for $7.25 plus tax. Bar Specials – Martini Madness û daily 2-for-1 happy hour from 5 to 7 p.m. û at all casino bars (martini menu only).

Revered Impressionist Rich Little To Kick Off New Headliner Showcase At The Riviera With A Three-Week Engagement – Legendary Comedian and Impressionist Rich Little is set to launch a new headliner showcase at The Riviera where the hotel brings classic Vegas back to the Strip. Little will bring his acclaimed show “Will the Real Rich Little Please Stand Up?” to the Starlite Theater, five nights a week from May 25 through June 12. “I’m thrilled to be home for an extended period after touring for the past few years,” said Little. “This new series at The Riv is going to be a great tribute to Vegas of yesteryear and I’m honored that they chose me to launch this.”

Maverick Indian Territory HelicopterMaverick Indian Territory Helicopter Tour û This Grand Canyon landing tour takes you to the West Rim where you will enjoy spectacular views along Eagle Point and receive a brief introduction to the Hualapai Indian legends and culture.

Click To Book Maverick Indian Territory Helicopter Tour Now!

What We’re Watching û Vegas Videos You’ll Enjoy

  • Donny and Marie Flamingo Building Wrap – If you’ve ever wondered how the building wraps (the ones that generally advertise shows) go up in Las Vegas, watch this time-lapse video capturing the new Donny and Marie wrap on the Flamingo Las Vegas completed by Off The Wall Signs in eight days.
  • Ravella At Lake Las Vegas – Curious about Lake Las Vegas? check out the European-inspired beauty of Ravella at Lake Las Vegas with additional shots of the area.
  • Steve Wynn/Andrea Hissom Wedding Video – View the authorized Steve Wynn/Andrea Hissom wedding video and witness the humorous look at a star studded weekend. Produced by Steve Wynn and Kenny Ortega, the video was the hit of the celebratory wedding weekend, and was applauded by special guests Priscilla Presley and Elvis’ best friend Joe Esposito.
  • Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens – We’ve got a look at the Bellagio Conservatory Spring display. Go behind-the-scenes to see all of the hard work that goes into the floral magic.
  • Rhumbar’s Mint Julip – With Kentucky Derby season here, watch how they create the drink famously associated with the race at The Mirage’s Rhumbar.

Members Mania – We Love Our Readers!

Just so you know (and I’m sure you do by the visitor counts), many of us love Las Vegas. I discovered Las Vegas in 1996, with my first business trip there. I’ve since been visiting there, at least twice a year since for both business and pleasure.

What I didn’t know, was that my Mother, who passed away two weeks ago, was a dancer at the original El Rancho. She was part of the Ted Taft and His Debutantes act which played there from 1948-1951. I may be off a year in the dates, as my mom rarely spoke of her travels in her dancing career. She did speak of hanging with the likes of Jimmy the Greek and others. The girls in the show were also required to attend dinners with the guests. Tux’s and gowns mandatory. I’m sure the each of us have differing views of Las Vegas, depending upon when we first saw the lights. Viva Las Vegas and the “haters” can stay away.

Kip from Woodland Park, Colorado


Ted Responds:

Very sorry to hear about your mother and our heartfelt sympathy on your loss. What an amazing story of her life! The El Rancho is long gone, but was one of the happening places of its day. Las Vegas was certainly more exclusive and “dress up” back in the day. As we noted earlier, Chris Taylor of Zowie Bowie is working to revive some of that tradition. (More on him next week).

Funny you mentioned Jimmy “The Greek” Snyder: When I was house-hunting here for the first time in the mid-90’s, the home near downtown that he once owned was for sale. Unfortunately, it was a bit out of my price range at the time.

It is so hard to believe there are people out there who hate Las Vegas. If you don’t like a place, don’t visit it. If you live in a place you hate, MOVE!! I’ve lived in Anchorage, Alaska since 1973. I don’t like it, but my husband was born and raised here so we stay. However, my dream is to live closer to Vegas, and we plan to do that when we retire (at least 5-10 years away).

We visit Vegas at least twice a year at my insistence. My house and office are all Vegas. My license plate says “VGSGIRL”. I KNOW there are a lot more Vegas lovers and fanatics like me than there are “haters”.

Carol “Vegas Girl” Jensen


Ted Responds:

We got quite a bit of response from last issue where I noted my surprise at how many people (during the worst of the recession when Las Vegas was really hurting) piled on their downright dislike and even hate of Las Vegas!

I’m with you: There are places I have no interest in visiting. Cities that are otherwise considered popular and “world class”. But that doesn’t mean I want bad things to happen to those places. They simply don’t seem like my cup of tea. (I’m more surf, sand, and Jimmy Buffett when I get away).

We’re happy you make the trek down as often as you can (don’t know who you fly, but I’m a big fan of Alaska Airlines). Should you be able to make your move, you’ll be moving from the ridged “wild west” to the sun-baked “wild west”. We wish you the best!

Look forward to receiving your news letter. I go to Vegas once a year and have done so for the last 5 years.

Circus Circus is still very good value for money even with all the kids there. Why take kids to Vegas gets me every time? I can only tell you about my experience there and I am an avid Roulette player. The Circus Circus team really interact with the players on the tables. I also enjoyed the Venetian they also gave a great service.

Maybe one day if you are kicking about when I am there I could buy you a drink that would be cool and even get a photo with you?

Keep up the great news letter!

Vegas Pete


Ted Responds:

I think the way you do: Nothing wrong with the really nice places. I enjoy Venetian/Palazzo and Wynn/Encore and the rest. But… I’m not above hitting Circus Circus and The Riviera for a little old-school action.

Thanks for the drink offer. Much appreciated! We’re trying to figure out how to balance all of this. I’d be out almost every night (and never get any work done) if I had my way, meeting everybody who was in town at a given time. What we are going to try to do is figure out how to let anyone and everyone who’d enjoy hanging with me and other readers tell us when they will be in town, and then picking dates and times that work for as many as possible on a regular basis.

We love to hear from you, and value your feedback! Here’s how to participate:

  • Want to comment on a current reader post? Use the comment box on that particular web page. Many of the stories we post also have comment boxes at the end of the story. Make your voice heard!
  • Drop us an email at [email protected] – We read them all!
  • Call our recorded comment line at 702-507-0055. We listen to every call.

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Access Vegas Insider Vibe April 20, 2011 Insider Vibe

Serving Las Vegas Visitors and Residents Since 1999

Welcome to the Insider Vibe! This is the official newsletter of AccessVegas.Com. We talk about the Las Vegas activities you really care about. Quick Info Menu:

Las Vegas Essentials
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Newkirk’s Notes – comments on Las Vegas from AccessVegas.Com publisher Ted Newkirk:

Hello From Las Vegas! Wow, the weather has been flawless. Day after day after day of highs in the 80’s and lows around 60. Can you say ‘dining alfresco’? That’s what I’m doing just about every evening.

If you are wondering why you aren’t getting this at your regular time of the week, we got hit with a huge Denial of Service attack that shut us down just days ago. In layman’s terms, somebody takes control of computers infected with malware and commands all those computers to visit our site constantly. So many requests at once that the server can’t handle it, effectively shutting the site down. (50,000-plus computers trying to visit our site at one time… we just are not equipped to handle that load).

Why? Damned if I know. We are not a big, corporate entity (the type of which usually get hit with these things). The biggest Vegas site out there gets 10 times the traffic we do. Maybe they mistook us for them. Or mistook us for the official Visitors Authority site (we’re not them either). We’re just an indie site. We’re still clueless as to why they hit us. If anything in the newsletter is dated because of the delay, we apologize and thank you for your understanding.

Price Of Gas, Airfare (What’s With All The Deals)? – I’m bracing for all the “we want to come to Vegas, but the price of airfare is too expensive” emails. On the flip side, I’m getting “wow… great rates for summer, what is going on” emails. One in the same, let me explain: Las Vegas hotels need warm bodies in the property. Even if they break even on the room, they’ll make money from your gaming, eating, and similar. If the price of airfare goes up, room rates go DOWN to compensate and still allow you to keep in your vacation budget.

Instead of freaking out about how much airfare is going up, go over and visit our friends at Las Vegas Hotel Deals and see how cheap rooms are here this summer. We’re still one of the most cost-effective travel destinations around!

I’d also suggest that if you have always been thinking of splurging on a hotel much nicer than the one you usually stay at on your trip here, I’d do so on your next visit. This fall, gas prices and airfare is most likely fall and the economy will be stable. This will result in more demand for Vegas and higher room rates. The “sale” rates (far below what comparable hotels in other cities would cost) which have been the norm for Las Vegas will very likely be coming to an end in 2012.

$10.6 Million Jackpot – Megabucks is rumored to always hit at a new casino shortly after opening. People flock to the Megabucks machines at new properties. Well, Aria’s jackpots arrived… just in slow motion. This past January (after the property had been open a year), someone hit for $12.7 million. Now some 16 months after Aria opened, a player (who chooses to remain anonymous and shield himself from hearing from cousins he never had) just popped Megabucks for $10.6 million. You can sit in your yard and complain about Las Vegas airfare prices, but you aren’t going to win $10 million staring at your back lawn.

And You Thought I Was Full Of It… – Less than a month ago in this very column, I noted that over the course of the next 2-3 months, you’d hear lots of good news coming out of Las Vegas. I knew because we get out and about and see what is going on with our own two eyes (as opposed to some out-of-state journalists who take some foreclosure statistics and spin it into a “Vegas Is Dead” story). I could see things were looking up.

I’ve been very upset and defiant over the past few years regarding these negative stories. As you can figure out, I comb through hundreds and hundreds of news stories and blog posts every month so you don’t have to. Many “Vegas Is Dying” stories had reader comments online and I just couldn’t believe how many haters piled on. I didn’t even realize that there are people out there who just dislike my city with an enraged passion. Who were posting negative comments about Las Vegas, hoping it died, turned into the next Detroit (their words), withered up and blew away back into desert, you name it. Unbelievable!

He who laughs last, laughs best. And I’m laughing my behind off. To wit:

  • McCarran continues slow upward climb – The passenger count at McCarran International Airport continued its slow rebound with a 2.2 percent gain in March.
  • Marriott hotel planned near Las Vegas Convention Center – A plan buried in the Nevada recession has resurfaced. Marriott International plans to build a large hotel across the street from the Las Vegas Convention Center but has not laid out a timeline.
  • Lucky’s poised to take over Riviera’s race and sports book – Independent sports book operator Lucky’s will take over the Riviera’s race and sports book… plan to develop a new race and sports book location on the casino floor near the Strip entrance. My Note: The Riviera continues to slowly but surely make improvements. So much for the “North Strip is dead” mantra.
  • Analyst optimistic despite dismal rankings for Nevada – The right-hand sides of the charts are up. Whether it’s visitor volume, gaming revenue, airport passengers, taxable sales, home sales, convention attendance or any number of other key economic indicators, the charts show improvement in recent months.
  • Lake Las Vegas bouncing back – The reopening of Casino MonteLago will be the second reopening of a Lake Las Vegas property this year. In February, Dolce Hotels and Resorts reopened the former Ritz-Carlton as Ravella at Las Vegas. The 340-room nongaming hotel had been closed for 10 months.
  • Tivoli Village weathers recession, embraces west side – Las Vegas’ lone major development project off the Strip to continue during the recession is on track to open April 28 with a majority of its office and retail space leased.

Questions, Questions, Questions About Las Vegas Real Estate – Long-time readers know that I really keep up on the real estate market here. I get quite a few real-estate related questions from readers. My parents were real estate investors and it is in my blood. On top of that, I’m getting closer to jumping back into home ownership myself after spending the past few years renting and checking out what it is to live in a couple different areas of town.

My experience: The South Strip (outlet mall to South Point) actually has quite a bit going for it. Nice variety of homes and condos in just about every price range. Easy freeway access and relatively close to the airport. But… too far away from the action for someone in my line of work. Near Strip (where I’m renting now): Some great, little retro pockets of quiet neighborhoods and low crime almost literally in the shadow of The Strip — probably where I’m going to buy — but you have to know where these pockets are.

If you are even thinking about buying here (as a local or from out-of-state), there is so much you need to know. Even me with all my knowledge found out I have some severe gaps in navigating the current real estate market. The solution? Bridge Magnus’ Getting REAL Estate online show, broadcast every Friday live 1 PM Pacific time and then archived online. Go back to the very first show (click on link, bottom of that page) and start working your way through from show #1 to get up-to-speed.

Also, keep up on her most recent shows through one of the following ways:

The first few minutes of each show detail some current real estate numbers, but then she gets into the incredibly valuable segments that will help you immeasurably. You’ll also get contact info on each episode so you can email in your questions!

You Still Have Time To RSVP! – If you missed our last issue or simply were not sure how your schedule was penciling out, our April 28 event at Nikki Beach is shaping up quit nicely. If you’re worried about being the only one there, don’t be: Looks like we’re going to have upwards of 100 people attending! If what I’m blabbering about is news to you (or you need to refresh yourself on the info and find the RSPV instructions), simply go back and read our archived Insider Vibe April 13, 2011

I’ll be there as well as the show hosts of all your favorite Vegas Video Network shows. Don’t worry, we’ll make ourselves easy to find and we’re all looking forward to saying hello. You’ll find out that every single one of us has the same “love affair” with this great city as you do!

Enjoy This Issue!

Associate Editor: Amy Rayner-Cooley
News Researcher/Editor: Rick Ziegler

Historic California Hotel And Casino To Celebrate May Day With 14th Annual Lei Day Polynesian Festival û April 30 and May 1 – The California Hotel and Casino hosts the 14th Annual Lei Day Polynesian Festival on Saturday, April 30 and Sunday, May 1 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. both days. The annual Polynesian festival brings together musicians, dancers, artists, craftsmen and food and beverage vendors to showcase the very best of Hawaii. Entry to the two-day event is FREE.

Strip House Celebrates National Prime Rib Day With Exclusive Prime Rib Dinner On April 27 – Strip House at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino celebrates National Prime Rib Day with a one-night-only Prime Rib Dinner on Wednesday, April 27. Available for $52 per person, Strip House’s prime rib is slow roasted, crusted with mustard and rosemary over dry heat until tender and finished to order. The standing prime rib roast is a delectable, special occasion meal ideal for family gatherings and celebrations. Yorkshire pudding baked using hot prime rib drippings is served as the perfect accompaniment to the special one-night-only dinner.

Barry Manilow Celebrates One Year Anniversary At Paris Las Vegas – Music legend Barry Manilow celebrated the one year anniversary of his wildly successful show at Paris Las Vegas this past weekend. To commemorate the special milestone, Paris Las Vegas Regional Vice President and General Manager David Hoenemeyer, along with AEG Live Las Vegas Vice President John Nelson, presented Manilow and his cast and crew with a special anniversary cake and a champagne toast. “This past year has been truly magical and we have had a great time performing our new show in the Paris Theatre,” said Manilow. “We are looking forward to another amazing year at Paris Las Vegas.”

Sip Back, Relax And Taste Paradise – Tommy Bahama’s Spring Cocktails Have Arrived – Tommy Bahama, the iconic island lifestyle brand offers you a little taste of paradise with three new seasonal cocktails for spring. These refreshing tonics take cues from Spring Farmer’s Markets utilizing the freshest produce available from March through May. You can imbibe in these creative cocktails at Tommy Bahama’s at Town Square or with a few simple and easy to find ingredients, create for yourself and friends. Click to read entire post for drink recipes.

Seven Additional Award-Winning Chefs Join Lineup Of ‘Toques Off To Paul Bocuse’ At MGM Grand May 7 – Eleven Elite Chefs Will Gather During Vegas Uncork’d By Bon Appetit To Present Dinner Of A Lifetime – Vegas Uncork’d by Bon Appetit today released new details regarding “Toques Off to Paul Bocuse,” the lavish, multi-course dinner to be held Saturday, May 7, at MGM Grand. Joining previously announced chefs, Alain Ducasse, Hubert Keller, JoÙl Robuchon and Julian Serrano, will be Jean-Philippe Maury, Michael Mina, Bradley Ogden, Roland Passot, AndrÚ Renard, Jacques Torres and J. Joho, all of whom will prepare delectable courses for this unforgettable evening. Collectively, this group represents the brightest constellation of award-winning chefs gathered to prepare a formal meal.

Rock, Paper, Scissor Mondays Take Over Rockhouse Las Vegas – Rock crushes scissors, scissors cut paper and paper covers rock. Easy enough to remember as Rock, Paper, Scissor Mondays kick off at Rockhouse on Monday, April 11. Rockhouse is starting its newest Monday night event, Rock, Paper, Scissor Mondays starting at 6 p.m. Every Monday revelers can test their RPS skills against the gorgeous Rockhouse bartenders for a chance to receive 50 percent off their round for beating the bartender in a best two out of three competition. Additionally, Rockhouse will also hold a RPS tournament on Mondays. Partygoers can buy into the weekly tournament for $5 and winner takes all at Vegas’ only ultra-dive bar.

Awaken Your Skin And Body With Special Spring Services At Canyon Ranch SpaClub Las Vegas – This spring, Canyon Ranch SpaClub at The Venetian | at The Palazzo is reviving dull, wintery skin for its guests with special spring services for the skin and body. In addition to individual treatments, packages of multiple treatments include an allowance to Canyon Ranch SpaClub restaurants and access to the exclusive Aquavana experience.

Tacos & Tequila Las Vegas Spices Up The Weekend With Red-Hot Mariachi Brunches – Tacos & Tequila spices up Saturday and Sundays with its red-hot Mariachi Brunch that makes guests want to shake their maracas every week from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. The enticing mix of Mexican culture and Vegas flare features a high-energy Mariachi band, two-for-one margaritas and Bloody Marias, and a variety of authentic brunch selections, making it the perfect solution to recover from a wild weekend in Vegas.

Matsuri At Imperial Palace Introduces Locals Special – A Blend Of Beauty, Energy And The Unexpected – Matsuri is offering an incredible deal for locals to see their show at the Imperial Palace Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. From now until May 31, 2011, locals can purchase tickets to the show for only $20 (plus box office fees and tax) with a Nevada ID. Since the terrible earthquake and tsunami struck Japan last month, the show has been collecting donations at each performance to assist with relief efforts at home. In addition, through the month of May, Matsuri will donate $5 for each locals ticket purchased to the American Red Cross. The show has already raised over $2,000 and hopes to reach $10,000 by the end of May.

Playboy Club Las Vegas Keeps The Party Hopping With Its Signature Libation, The Bunny Tail – In honor of the upcoming Easter weekend and the fabled Easter Bunny, Playboy Club inside Palms Casino Resort highlights one of the most distinguished fashion traditions of the legendary Playboy Bunnies û the Bunny Tail, also the name of the nightclub’s signature cocktail, available now. Created by Mixologist Dave Herlong, the libation is a creative blend of Limoncello, San Pellegrino Limonata sparkling soda and choice of Ketel One, Ketel Citroen or Don Julio Blanco. Garnished with a lemon wedge, the Bunny Tail is topped off with a puff of cotton candy.

May 1 Is Not Just May Day, It’s Lei Day At Rockhouse Las Vegas – Prepare to get “Lei’d” at Rockhouse. Sunday, May 1 officially marks Rockhouse’s first annual “Lei Day” celebration. Revelers can party all day and night with the sexy Rockhouse staff passing out lei’s, while celebrating with $5 shots, two-for-one beers and complimentary admission for ladies looking to get “lei’d” at the ultra-dive bar. Day or night, it’s always the right time to party at Rockhouse. Whether people watching on the rowdy Strip-side patio by day, or dancing on the bar with an 80-ounce guitar by night, the ultra-dive bar is one of Vegas’ best-kept secrets.

Serendipity 3 At Caesars Palace Celebrates Its Second Anniversary With 100,000 Traditional Frrrozen Hot Chocolates Served – Yesterday Serendipity 3 at Caesars Palace celebrated its second anniversary in conjunction with selling its 100,000th classic Frrrozen Hot Chocolate. The lucky 100,000th guest, Jennifer Genovese, visited the Strip restaurant to celebrate a special occasion with her boyfriend and ordered a Frrrozen Hot Chocolate. She was surprised when Serendipity 3 Chef de Cuisine Michael Wolf announced she had just ordered the 100,000th Frrrozen Hot Chocolate and won free Frrrozen Hot Chocolate for life. Genovese has lived in Las Vegas for nine years and works as a bartender and assistant general manager. Photo Credit: Erik Kabik/RETNA

Grand Canyon South Rim by Tour TrekkerGrand Canyon South Rim by Tour Trekker û Las Vegas Sunrise Hot Air Balloon RideJourney through the Mojave Desert along historic Route 66 en route to the Grand Canyon South Rim. Your professional tour guide will drive and narrate through the beautiful mountains and ponderosa pine forests of the Coconino Plateau. At the South Rim you will have a three-hour guided tour of the Grand Canyon making stops at a variety of viewing areas for panoramic views of the canyon.

Click To Book Grand Canyon South Rim by Tour Trekker Now!

What We’re Watching û Vegas Videos You’ll Enjoy

  • Pawn Stars Behind the Scenes – Austin “Chumlee” Russell gives us a behind-the-scenes tour of the wacky collection in the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, where The History Channel’s hit TV show Pawn Stars takes place. While business is booming, Rick and The Old Man tells why they’re better than the competition and how they’re dealing with their fame.
  • 35mm Stock Fooage Las Vegas Sights – 30 minutes of incredible footage of Las Vegas from times long ago. Wow, has the city changed!
  • Wynn Las Vegas Behind-the-Scenes at the Lake of Dreams – Find out just what it takes to produce the Lake of Dreams shows, which play nightly at Wynn Las Vegas. If you haven’t seen any shows, be sure to stop by next time you’re in Las Vegas! A great complimentary entertainment option for all ages.
  • Sirens of TI cast enjoys camaraderie – It’s a testament to the professionalism of this motley bunch that they can perform an 18-minute show — with pyrotechnics, a sinking ship, stunts, music, dancing, swimming — and then raise the ship, prime the explosives, dry off, change costumes and freshen makeup so they can repeat everything 45 minutes later. And squeeze in a rehearsal and dinner, too.
  • Las Vegas Zoo – If youÆre looking for somewhere cool to take the family as we head towards summer, let us tell you what’s new at the Las Vegas Zoo. These guys partner with the San Diego Zoo to bring in rare and unique animals. But, one of the coolest things about our local zoo is that these animals are not so far away that you need binoculars to see them. Some of them are close up enough to reach out and touch.

Members Mania – We Love Our Readers!

We’re doing Members Mania “live” this week at our event, getting together to talk Vegas and swap advice and stories. Hope to see you there!

We love to hear from you, and value your feedback! Here’s how to participate:

  • Want to comment on a current reader post? Use the comment box on that particular web page. Many of the stories we post also have comment boxes at the end of the story. Make your voice heard!
  • Drop us an email at [email protected] – We read them all!
  • Call our recorded comment line at 702-507-0055. We listen to every call.

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Access Vegas Insider Vibe April 13, 2011 Insider Vibe

Serving Las Vegas Visitors and Residents Since 1999

Welcome to the Insider Vibe! This is the official newsletter of AccessVegas.Com. We talk about the Las Vegas activities you really care about. Quick Info Menu:

Las Vegas Essentials
Seasonal Vegas Information
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Newkirk’s Notes – comments on Las Vegas from AccessVegas.Com publisher Ted Newkirk:

Hello From Las Vegas! I hope that all of our U.S. readers survived Tax Day on April 15’th. After dealing with all of that, you need a trip to Las Vegas!

For once, the weather is smiling on weekend visitors. This is quite the change of pace. It seems that the best weather we’ve had so far this year has fallen on weekdays. When the wind blows cold air and even scattered showers our way, it has been Friday – Monday. After a weekend where we flirt with 90, you’re looking at very comfortable temps in the 80’s all week long.

We’re Having A Party, And You Are All Invited! – A few weeks ago, I hinted about a reader event at a cool, new Las Vegas Strip location with some complimentary drinks involved.

The plans are set, it is a go, and you are all invited! Here’s the details:

  • Date and Time: Thursday April 28, 2011 from 6 – 9 PM
  • Location: The brand new Nikki Beach and Cafe at the “all new” Tropicana Las Vegas! What makes this so cool and special? This is one month prior to the big Grand Opening for The Trop. We’re giving you a sneak peak at the beautiful new pool area and indoor/outdoor cafe.
  • Who will be there? We’re teaming up with our good friends over at the Vegas Video Network. I (Ted) will be there plus Scott and Melissa Whitney (Living In Las Vegas show) and many of the stars of other Vegas Video Network shows. More importantly, you guys (Vegas visitors and locals) will be on hand “do Vegas” with us. What is more fun than hanging out on what will most likely be a perfect evening (average high for April 28 here is 82 degrees F), sipping on a couple of free drinks, and enjoying the surroundings of Vegas’ “newest” resort in the company of like-minded people!
  • The Cost: This is Vegas, baby and we’re doing it right because we love our readers/viewers. This event is complimentary. In fact…
  • The Bribe: Each person who RSVP’s will enjoy two drinks on the house. PLUS, happy hour food and drink prices extended through 9 PM for our RSVP’d guests.
  • Dress Code: People have worried that Nikki Beach and Cafe is some snobby place for 22 year olds. Nothing could be further from the truth. Nikki (and The Tropicana in general) are nice surroundings aimed at a broad age range. Please don’t come dressed like you just spent the day cleaning the garage. But don’t worry about needing a suit.

More Event Frequently Asked Event Questions (RSVP Info Follows):

  • I’m a local and I hate going to The Strip. The traffic and parking are always terrible. – Wait until you hear how easy this event is: The Tropicana sits on the very south end of The Strip. You don’t have to fight that mid-Strip traffic. Easy to get to. Parking is super-simple as The Trop has a two-floor parking garage just south of their property. No weaving up 9 levels and forgetting where you parked.Plus, Nikki is only 100 feet inside of the hotel entrance from the parking garage. Walk into the hotel, down a short corridor, turn right, you are there. We couldn’t have made it any more friendly for you. So locals… attendance is mandatory. Don’t tell me that you have something better to do after work that day. Your DVR will wait. Come see the New Trop!
  • I’m concerned that I won’t know anyone and I’ll feel out of place. – I’ve been on the other end ofá”Vegas Meetups” numerous times. Attending Vegas events where I was going in stone cold (not my event, didn’t know anybody). I’ve never felt more welcomed including by people who are not my readers and had never heard of me.We all have the love of Las Vegas in common, which is plenty of stuff to talk about. If you wish, you’ll make new friends simply by accident. And… remember that this isn’t some meet/mingle or networking event where everyone is boxed in a room. Take your cocktail and roam the beautiful grounds of The Tropicana pool and outdoor Nikki Beach area if you are people-shy.
  • What about my friends? The aren’t familiar with you guys, but I’d like to bring them. – By all means, do so! I’m sure they’ll enjoy themselves, and perhaps we may even turn them onto this newsletter and Scott’s Vegas network. What do I care? We strong-armed Nikki Beach into picking up the complimentary drink tab.
  • I’m a Las Vegas blogger/podcaster/journalist/competitor and want to come but I don’t want it to seem like I’m crashing your event. – Don’t even worry about it. The more, the merrier! Come on down and check out Nikki. Say hello to us. Get your free drinks. Bring some friends. Invite your readers. I’m a broken record here, but I can’t emphasize enough how great a chance this is for everyone to check out the all-new Tropicana.
  • I’m not going to be in town on April 28. Is there another date? – Sorry, but this one is set in stone.

So How Do I RSVP? Super simple: Each person coming does need to RSVP separately so we have you on the list for the complimentary drinks and extended happy hour pricing. Or you can send us a list of you and your friends, but we need an email address matching each person. No, we won’t sell or rent your info. We simply want to be able to update and remind everyone coming of the date and late-breaking info. Please send your RSVP to [email protected]

Note: Must be 21 or over. Please don’t RSVP unless you are planning to attend as Nikki Beach/Cafe is being very nice helping us pull this event off and they’ll need a head count. If you are not sure up until the last minute, we’d actually prefer that you “crash” the event the day of. You won’t get the 2 complimentary drinks, but you will be welcome.

Wow, That Was Quick – Sahara owner Sam Nazarian recently told the L.A. Times that his plan is to re-open the property in 2014 after extensive renovations. He notes that the plans are completed and the project is shovel-ready. Unfortunately, the hotel will bear his SLS company brand name (Style|Luxury|Service) instead of The Sahara name. Hopefully, he’ll come to his senses and call it SLS Sahara Las Vegas or similar.

Now… any plans like this (especially in this economy and this city) have to be taken with a grain of salt. I believe that Nazarian will be looking at three factors before he decides to move forward:

  • The fates of the Fontainebleau and Riveira. If the Riviera stays open (all indications are that it will) and an improving economy allows completion of the Fontainebleau, The Sahara location goes from bad to workable.
  • How does The Tropicana do? Can you sink $100 million (plus) into an older property and make it desirable enough to be a good investment? Same with the recent Stratosphere renovations. By the way, The Strat is seeing some serious action even on weeknights. We’ve seen it ourselves and reader reports have been nothing but positive.
  • How are boutique hotels going to do in Las Vegas? It really hasn’t been truly tried until recently with The Rumor and Artisan. (The Artisan ironically sits pretty much a stone’s throw from The Sahara). Or… does he feel that he can capture the Hard Rock vibe and crowd? And how will the Hard Rock do after going through significant financial issues (basically foreclosure). Is that model viable in another location?

We’ll let you know how it goes. In the meantime, the Sahara (as we know it) is less than 30 days from closure. Outside of some very minor rumblings of Boyd Gaming (Gold Coast, Orleans, failed Echelon project, etc) taking over the operations, it looks like a fence will be going around the place.

Enjoy This Issue!

Associate Editor: Amy Rayner-Cooley
News Researcher/Editor: Rick Ziegler

David Rocho Wins The 1974 Corvette Stingray At Binion’s Gambling Hall – As the clock struck 10 a.m. at Binion’s Gambling Hall on April 4, a crowd of hopefuls lined up as tickets were being pulled from the drum. The Four on The Floor Corvette & Cash Giveaway that started on February 4 was coming to a close. All of the participants had earned tickets by playing slots, video poker and table games at Binion’s, but only one would hear his name called for that 1974 Corvette Stingray. And that lucky man was David Rocho, a loyal Binion’s customer who originally hails from Minnesota and currently calls Las Vegas home. Mr. Rocho was thrilled with his prize and proudly posed with his new ride.

Blue Man Group Interactive Statue At Fashion Show Mall – Blue Man Group invites Las Vegas visitors and locals to discover its larger-than-life, interactive 15-foot-tall statue on the Plaza at Fashion Show, located on 3200 Las Vegas Blvd. South. Designed by YESCO LLC for Blue Man Group Las Vegas, the one-of-a-kind custom statue features two large, high-definition monitors and an interactive “fan cam.” The fan cam records video of visitors and broadcasts it live on one of the monitors. The second monitor will feature exclusive Blue Man Group clips and content from the show.

Primm Valley Casino Resorts Hits A Hole-In-One With Spring Golf Special – Spring is in the air and Primm Valley Casino Resorts welcomes the warm weather by offering a spectacular stay and play package. Golfers can hit the green at one of Nevada’s finest courses then enjoy an evening of leisure at The Spa at Primm. For $149 per person, the spring golf package includes:

  • One-night stay at Primm Valley Casino Resorts
  • One round of golf at one of two award-winning Tom Fazio-designed Primm courses, the Lakes Course or the Desert Course
  • Two free drinks at the golf course
  • 50 minute treatment of your choice including Fusion Stone Massage, Caribbean Hand Therapy, Botanical Skin Resurfacing and more at The Spa at Primm, a 13,000-square-foot retreat
  • One steak and lobster dinner at GP’s, the fine dining steakhouse

Joan Collins Enjoys a Vegas Vacation at The Venetian – “Dynasty” star and Hollywood royalty Joan Collins checked into The Venetian for a Vegas vacation this weekend. Looking every bit the style icon wearing a fedora and white Chanel purse, she enjoyed a gondola ride with close friend Judy gushing afterwards, “That felt like we were right in Italy!” The duo continued their girl’s day with an afternoon of shopping at Barneys New York.

Say ‘I Do’ To Aromatherapy Wedding Packages At Caesars Palace Las VegasCaesars Palace, one of the world’s top wedding destination resorts, now offers customizable, all-inclusive aromatherapy wedding packages. The amazing benefits of aromatherapy are now available in a unique wedding package. Each custom-designed package infuses the benefits of aromatic essential oils paired with an inspirational ceremony, for an unforgettable wedding experience.

The Gazillionaire Announces Starlet Angel Porrino To Join The Cast Of Absinthe Beginning April 19 – The Gazillionaire and his cast of eccentrics are thrilled to welcome Las Vegas starlet Angel Porrino to the cast of ABSINTHE, the new show at Caesars Palace that is being hailed by critics as the best new show to hit the Strip in years. After a memorable audition on the season finale of “Holly’s World,” Porrino was cast in the unique show and will be featured as The Weather Girl performing an exotic routine with (and in) a weather balloon. “I needed a reality star to helm my show, and I thought Angel would look better in a bikini than The Situation,” said The Gazillionaire.

Fantasy Las Vegas Reveals Sexy Showgirl Of The Month, Koree – FANTASY, Luxor Hotel and Casino’s steamy adult revue, has launched its sexy Showgirl of the Month campaign. Showcasing its gorgeous dancers, FANTASY’s Showgirl of the Month will give fans a chance to get to know each one, up-close and personal. FANTASY’S April Showgirl of the Month is Koree. This gorgeous Pittsburgh, Pa. native likes to keep her sexy figure in tip-top shape by working out regularly at the gym and by taking pure barre classes to maintain her sexy dancer physique.

Las Vegas Sunrise Hot Air Balloon RideLas Vegas Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Ride û Las Vegas Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Ride. This spectacular balloon flight begins in the southwest valley, you will enjoy scenic views of Las Vegas’ residential areas, the renowned Las Vegas Strip to the east and the majestic Red Rock Mountains and Red Rock Canyon to the west.

Click To Book Las Vegas
Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Ride Now!

What We’re Watching û Vegas Videos You’ll Enjoy

This section will return next week. We were too busy setting up the Reader Event to sit around screening Vegas videos for you!

Members Mania – We Love Our Readers!

We’ll get to a few quickies in this week:

Just returned from Vegas. We saw Absinthe at Caesars Palace. The show was good but they could have chosen a better location. It looked like a junk yard on the grounds.

Gerard McLaughlin

Enjoyed your newsletter as always. I read about the couples 40’th anniversary wanting to go to Top of the World at Strat. I couldn’t agree with you more, not as good as it used to be.

If I could suggest: Eiffle Tower Restaurant, good food, absolutely the best view of the Bellagio fountains (better than at Bellagio); and Del Friscos Double Eagle restaurant, can’t beat it.

Just a thought.

John Yates

Once again thanks for your informative newsletter. Just wanted to let you know I agree totally with you on The Boardwalk Hoteláwhere CityCenter now sits. We have been coming for 20-plus years and I really miss their hot dogs & strawberry shortcake. Lots of fun and clean.

As far as Ace & Deuce buses that run The Strip, you can pay exact amount on The Duece but an Ace ticket has to be bought before you board. They have little ticket dispensers at each Ace stop.

Yes and first time in our many years we had rain.

Thanks again,


I am with you Ted. The Boardwalk is one of the casinos we always liked to stop at when in Vegas. Although we didn’t stay there-had a ball and did take in a show or 2.

Kathy from Michigan

Just a note to say that the advice you gave regarding moving to Las Vegas is spot on in my opinion. This advice holds true to any retiree considering a change in residence any where in the world. I saw many unhappy folks who moved to Florida after retiring and found it wasn’t the paradise that they envisioned. They missed friends, family and climate.

Bill (74 years old)

We love L.V. My wife an i visit yearly and play the slots at least 8-10 hrs a day for 3 weeks. What are your fans talking about, they should try staying longer, and playing more (taking one longer trip instead of multiple shorter ones). We travel 7 1/2 hours to get to your great city, and can’t wait to come back in April.

Food is cheap, so the slots are tight, shows are priced OK. Try making it a vacation, you’re not going to win a fortune, open your eyes an enjoy. It seems all your readers are negative, tell them to get a life, you only go this way once.

I enjoy your newsletter. See you in April.

Bob M.

We love to hear from you, and value your feedback! Here’s how to participate:

  • Want to comment on a current reader post? Use the comment box on that particular web page. Many of the stories we post also have comment boxes at the end of the story. Make your voice heard!
  • Drop us an email at [email protected] – We read them all!
  • Call our recorded comment line at 702-507-0055. We listen to every call.

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Access Vegas Insider Vibe March 30, 2011 Insider Vibe

Serving Las Vegas Visitors and Residents Since 1999

Welcome to the Insider Vibe! This is the official newsletter of AccessVegas.Com. We talk about the Las Vegas activities you really care about. Quick Info Menu:

Las Vegas Essentials
Seasonal Vegas Information
Featured Shows

Newkirk’s Notes – comments on Las Vegas from AccessVegas.Com publisher Ted Newkirk:

Hello From Las Vegas! No April fool here, we hit 90 sunny, beautiful, warm degrees on April 1, Two-Thousand-and-Yo-Eleven. (Yo is a craps term… I’m not a rapper). I had to resist the temptation to drop a photo of the outdoor thermometer (sits in the shade of my back patio) to my many friends in the Northeast U.S. and Canada who were dealing with ice and snow. I was dining al fresco and watching sports on my outdoor TV, enjoying the shade with a cool beverage in my hand.

Sorry For The Typos – Had a couple of glaring typos in this segment last issue. Normally, Newkirk’s Notes gets composed over the course of a week. Kind of like blogging, except that everything gets held and put together in one column. Normally, I have time to inspect and edit. Was in a serious rush last issue due to the delays I noted and missed a couple of errors.

Call Me A Fortune Teller – In a couple of months, reports will come out about how well Las Vegas tourism is starting to do and how great the spring months were when compared to the previous 2-3 years. Local print and online scribes will write articles about it and discuss where Las Vegas is heading and you’ll start to hear a little talk here and there about the comeback of Las Vegas.

I don’t have to wait for reports and news stories. I’m going to tell you right now that this spring has been absolutely on fire as far as visitation. Why? I have two eyes that work pretty good and we’ve been out seeing it for ourselves!

Vegas is dead on Mondays... NOT! on Twitpic Take this past week: Monday night a craving for the $1.99 shrimp cocktail at Golden Gate took me downtown. Remember my advice a couple months ago to skip downtown on Monday and Tuesdays as it wasn’t very busy? You can toss that out the window. Downtown was busy both inside (especially good table game crowds) and outside on Fremont Street.

Wednesday, we went to a live taping of Pub Crawl (watch it archived steaming online: Pub Crawl #24) and drove the entire Strip then spent some time mid-strip prior to the 8 PM show taping. Once again, serious crowds. Lots of happy looking people.

Some may say Well, duh, Ted… it is March Madness and Spring Break. That is why the town is hopping. That doesn’t mean Vegas is back. Au contraire, my friends. No March Madness that week (weekdays) as the finals are over the weekend. And, we spottedáa few families doing spring break, but not many. The vast majority of visitors appeared to be couples over 40. Las Vegas’ core audience (despite what all the celeb and club promotion may lead you to believe).

I’m cutting it short this week for a good cause. We’re about to revamp the main page of to make it much more readable, enjoyable, with new features, and improved navigation. We are also laying plans to bring a user community and message boards online so that you can all enjoy talking Vegas with each other and maybe making some new friends. And yes… working on future reader meet/greets. So, I’m hard at work after all.

Plus… we have three really good Members Mania posts. All of which you should be commenting on (your comments matter) and two of which I give my usual detailed advice on matters that will help make your next visit a better one.

Enjoy This Issue!

Associate Editor: Amy Rayner-Cooley
News Researcher/Editor: Rick Ziegler

Central 24/7 By Chef Michel Richard To Open At Caesars Palace Las VegasCaesars Palace announced today James Beard award-winning Chef Michel Richard will bring a version of his popular Washington D.C restaurant to Las Vegas. Central 24/7 by Michel Richard is scheduled to open in late summer of 2011 and will occupy the current Augustus CafÚ space adjacent to the iconic Caesars Palace hotel lobby. Central 24/7 will offer a 24-hour dining experience daily highlighting breakfast, lunch and dinner selections. The 9,600 square-foot restaurant will seat approximately 300 guests in total including an outdoor patio terrace. The restaurant also will feature a large lounge complete with full bar including several beers on tap and a specialty cocktail menu.

First Food & Bar Announces Tiger’s Blood Transfusion Cocktail – The fun, creative team at FIRST Food & Bar inside the Palazzo has created a cocktail honoring the craziness that is the world of pop culture this month.

Tiger’s Blood Transfusion

1 1/2 ounces Effen Raspberry
1/2 Ounce Canton
1/8 ounce Chambourd
Juice of one blood orange
Fresh Ginger
1 tsp Blood Orange Bitters

Azure Luxury Pool At The Palazzo Opens for 2011 Season – Azure Luxury Pool at The Palazzo, the only daytime pool experience of its kind in Las Vegas, is opening for another stylish season with new amenities and star-studded soirees including the red carpet grand opening on April 9. Embodying sophistication at its finest, Azure Luxury Pool is a haven for the guest seeking a refined and exclusive pool club atmosphere. Azure Luxury Pool features contemporary and stylish decor with plush daybeds surrounded by lush greenery and a picturesque rotunda with stunning Strip views. For those looking for an even more intimate experience, 11 luxurious cabanas surround the pools offering a bevy of amenities including exceptional bottle service.

Indulge In A Taste Of Tropical Temptation With Signature Cocktail, Coconut Colada At Palms Pool & Bungalows – Palms Pool & Bungalows at Palms Casino Resort embraces the summer season with the introduction of its signature cocktail, the Coconut Colada, available now. Mixologist for 9 Group, Dave Herlong, combines Ciroc Coconut, fresh coconut water and Coco Lopez to create a hydrating libation perfect for escaping the desert heat. For $18, the Coconut Colada is served in a fresh coconut shell, encouraging poolside partygoers to cool down and sail away on a tropical dream.

Rockhouse Celebrates National Guitar Month – Purchase A Signature 80-ounce Guitar Cup And Receive A Free Shot In April – Get ready to rock out a little harder in April as Rockhouse celebrates National Guitar Month. Patrons can celebrate National Guitar Month by rocking out with one of Rockhouse’s signature 80-ounce souvenir guitars, priced at just $35 each. Throughout the month of April, all partygoers will also receive a complimentary shot with each guitar purchase. Offered in a variety of colors and filled with an assortment of beverages, from frozen daiquiris to ice-cold draft beers, Rockhouse’s guitar cups offer something for everyone.

Maverick Wind Dancer Sunset Helicopter TourMaverick Wind Dancer Sunset Helicopter Tour û Enjoy an extended landing time in Hualapai Indian Territory. Champagne, beverages and hors d’oeuvres will be served. Adventure concludes with a sunset flight over Downtown Las Vegas and the Las Vegas Strip.

Click To Book Maverick Wind Dancer Sunset Helicopter Tour Tour Now!

What We’re Watching û Vegas Videos You’ll Enjoy

  • The Shark Reef Aquarium At Mandalay Bay – The Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay recently celebrated its tenth anniversary here in the Valley. This awesome local attraction houses more than 2,000 dangerous animals ranging from sharks and piranhas to a golden crocodile and Komodo Dragon with a fantastic personality. If you haven’t taken advantage of what Shark Reef has to offer, you really should.
  • What is the future of construction in the Las Vegas Valley? – With so many projects on hold and public projects like new City Hall (both Las Vegas and North Las Vegas) plus the McCarran Airport expansion finishing up, what is the future of construction here in Las Vegas?
  • Las Vegas Mob Experience opens this week – This week brought the opening of the Mob Experience at The Tropicana. Take a sneak peak at the attraction and hear from some of the families of the infamous mobsters featured.
  • Living In Las Vegas Episode #100 – Scott and Melissa Whitney celebrate their 100’th episode about what it is like to live (and have fun in) Las Vegas, NV. Among topics covered this episode are MGM Grand on Undercover Boss, the deputy district attorney who brought Paris Hilton and Bruno Mars to court arrested for cocaine possession, best places to eat in downtown Las Vegas and Hot or Horrible: Triple George Grill.
  • Michael Boychuck’s COLOR Salon: Find Your Color with Kate starting Vegas Vixen Laura Croft – Michael BoychuckÆs stylish salon, COLOR, at Caesars Palace, has launched “Find Your Color with Kate,” a series of glamorous makeup tutorials by Director of Cosmetics, Kate Stromberg. The series will showcase Vegas’ hottest starlets, a variety of glamorous looks, and the step-by-step process on how to achieve amazing results. Holly’s World star Laura Croft and COLOR Salon’s Kate Stromberg show you how to create this look for yourself.

Members Mania – We Love Our Readers!

We love to hear from you, and value your feedback! Here’s how to participate:

  • Want to comment on a current reader post? Use the comment box on that particular web page. Many of the stories we post also have comment boxes at the end of the story. Make your voice heard!
  • Drop us an email at [email protected] – We read them all!
  • Call our recorded comment line at 702-507-0055. We listen to every call.

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Access Vegas Insider Vibe March 23, 2011 Insider Vibe

Serving Las Vegas Visitors and Residents Since 1999

Welcome to the Insider Vibe! This is the official newsletter of AccessVegas.Com. We talk about the Las Vegas activities you really care about. Quick Info Menu:

Las Vegas Essentials
Seasonal Vegas Information
Featured Shows

Newkirk’s Notes – comments on Las Vegas from AccessVegas.Com publisher Ted Newkirk:

Hello From Las Vegas! Well, many weeks are great but even here in Las Vegas we sometimes hit a few road bumps. Last issue, I noted a great pending weather forecast with nice weather and highs near 70 F. Uh-oh. Clouds, wind and rain moved in the next couple of days. Fortunately, the rain was mostly in the overnight hours. Then, I lost a few days due to medical leave regarding a nagging health issue (I’ll be fine). OK… I put that behind me and my main computer starts acting up for the umpteenth time. Taking an hour (or more) to boot and running slower than the weakest Windows 95 machine did back in the old days.

Side Note: This is the second time in less than a decade that I’ve had extreme problems with an HP computer. (It was not an operating system problem). Oh sure, they had a fix to download. Did nothing. Which means they are very aware this model has issues (online forums were full of complaints). But what do they care? Was there a recall? NO. Steer very clear of buying HP computers.

Given I had to swap out one machine, I got very ambitious and decided to re-allocate all the office machines, upgrade memory in the older ones (Windows XP still performs very well with 2+ GB of memory), new router, the entire works. And decided to do it myself with the help of staffer Rick Ziegler. Thought it would take 1/2 a day. We did finish. After three days of torture and numerous hours on the phone to tech support (the new router turned out to be defective, which took hours to figure out). Auugghhhhh!

What does this all have to do with Vegas? Nothing at all. I thought you’d just feel a whole lot better knowing that I’m not always out enjoying all that fun stuff on The Strip and downtown! Oh, also… a couple of my sections are missing this week. (Amy and Rick still did a great job on the meat of the newsletter as they always do). Trust me, it is a lot more fun to search out What We’re Watching videos, answering Members Mania than fighting computers. This wasn’t by choice.

March Madness Video, As Promised – Rick Ziegler went downtown the first week of March Madness to catch all the activity. People were loving the new zip line, live entertainment abounded, a 25 foot basketball basket challenged visitors (this was funny to watch) and plenty of people were simply having a good time. Click to watch Las Vegas March Madness Spring Break 2011 Video

How Did So Many Miss The Point? I read just about every print and blog story (many by writers I truly admire) on the closing of The Sahara, and am in shock about how they all missed the management angle which I noted in my article Closing Of The Sahara Las Vegas û The Real Story. (Nearly 30 people made great comments that are worth going back and reading below the story). The general mantra was “bad economy, hotel closes”. The truth is that the terrible management combined with the economy cost the death. As I noted, Sahara’s competitors managed to weather the worst of the recession (as did The Sahara, Vegas visitor numbers have been inching up for months now). Management killed the joint.

42 year Las Vegas resident Norm “Is There Anyone He Doesn’t Know” Johnson was the other person who diligently noted that management was to fault and Norm has an immense knowledge of what was going on there. For those wanting to dig deeper (especially all the writers who wrote off the closing simply to the economy instead of doing their homework), I suggest you check out his article simply entitled The Sahara Hotel

New Contact Info – We’re changing our contact email to [email protected] (simple enough, right)! We’ve been using [email protected] for more than a decade. It dates back to when we were serious about launching an All Vegas TV streaming network. 9/11 happened, we never launched, but also never bothered to change the contact email. Which leads to a branding issue: People write Dear All Vegas and similar. Now, perhaps everybody will figure out that this is the official newsletter of (drum roll please)

Speaking Of Contact Us and Vegas Video Networks – 10 years later, someone finally did launch a (growing) network of Las Vegas programming. I’m a huge fan of what the Vegas Video Network is doing. Here’s a little “directly contact Ted” tip/hint: I nearly always watch Living In Las Vegas at 7:30 PM (Pacific) on Tuesdays and Pub Crawl which airs at 8:00 PM (Pacific) on Wednesdays. Both shows air LIVE, and just below the video screen on the live page is a chat room. Enter your name (or internet handle) and you are into the chat. Me? I’m usually there chatting away about Vegas while I enjoy the live show. Come join us!

4100 And Counting! – We only got serious about Twitter recently and are proud to now have over 4000 followers. Pretty cool! We don’t tweet 20 times a day and we don’t tell you what we had for lunch or talk about our political views. It is simply all the Las Vegas news and info as we get it, including a number of very good deals every week which don’t make this newsletter because of deadline issues. Go ahead and follow us. We promise you’ll be glad you did:

Enjoy This Issue!

Associate Editor: Amy Rayner-Cooley
News Researcher/Editor: Rick Ziegler

Celebrity Lineup For 10th Annual Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational In Las Vegas Continues To Grow – Charity Tournament Hosted By Aria Resort & Casino At Exclusive Shadow Creek, March 31 – April 3 – Entertainment and sports stars Larry David, Gabriel Aubry, Jerome Bettis, Sam Bradford, Stuart Scott, Brandi Chastain, Richard Dent, Paul O’Neill, Mike Piazza, Anthony Anderson, Maury Povich, Dennis Haysbert, Alan Thicke, Adrian Young, Anfernee “Penny” Hardaway, Grant Show and Boris Kodjoe join the growing list of celebrities scheduled to attend the 10th Annual Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational (MJCI), hosted by Las Vegas’ ARIA Resort & Casino, March 31-April 3.

Rockhouse Hosts First Ever ‘Sheen Mondays’ Celebration Party Like A Warlock Every Monday Night – ‘Sheen Mondays’ + Rockhouse = #winning. Rockhouse is throwing the only Charlie Sheen party in Las Vegas with ‘Sheen Mondays’ every Monday night. Winners can partake in an open bar from 10 p.m. to midnight, $10 for girls and $20 for guys. The ultra-dive bar will also introduce its newest cocktail for warlocks with a different constitution, a different brain and a different heart; the Tiger Blood Tea.

Tacos & Tequila Introduces The Ultimate Margarita – Get Your Chonga On With T&T’s Newest Margarita – Tacos & Tequila has added a new margarita to the familia; introducing the “Chonga”. The 54-ounce party in your mouth, frozen margarita is enough to excite any partygoer. T&T takes it a step further and tosses in two upside down 7-ounce Sol beers that flow directly into the giant margarita. T&T’s signature daiquiri bar carriers an assortment of different frozen flavors. Revelers daring enough to try the “Chonga” can create up to 720 unique flavors. With over 50-ounces of fun and flavor the “Chonga” margarita is every spring breakers dream.

Spring Arrives At Bellagio’s Conservatory & Botanical Gardens – “Carnival In The Garden” Features Carousel, Ferris Wheel And Butterflies ON Display Through May 8 – To celebrate the debut of spring, Bellagio’s Conservatory & Botanical Gardens feature a spectacular floral exhibition filled with bright blooms and a playful carnival, on display through May 8. Four enchanting gardens lure guests with scents of tulips, hydrangeas and daisies, while a colorful Ferris wheel, moving carousel and greenhouse full of beautiful butterflies catch the eye and lift the spirit.

Starlet Angel Porrino Returns To Peepshow At Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Through April 3 – PEEPSHOW, Las Vegas’ only striptease spectacular, welcomes back Las Vegas local and “Holly’s World” co-star Angel Porrino as she takes over the role of “Bo Peep,” a modern woman who discovers her sexuality. Porrino will fill in for Holly Madison during her hard-earned vacation dates through April 3, 2011. As a free upgrade to all PEEPSHOW ticketholders, audience members have the exclusive change to meet Porrino during a special post show meet & greet in the PEEPSHOW lobby following current performance. The meet & greet will provide an opportunity for fans to take their own photo with Porrino and have their favorite PEEPSHOW memorabilia autographed by the “Holly’s World” co-star. Season two of “Holly’s World” is now airing on E!. Photo By Denise Truscello

Lagasse’s Stadium Las Vegas Hosts Die-Hard Basketball Fans During NCAA Tournament – Lagasse’s Stadium at The Palazzo plays host to the most die-hard of college basketball fans during the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. One-of-a-kind stadium seating allows guests to comfortably lounge while watching the back-to-back tournament action on one of more than 100 flat screen televisions.

Terry Fator Celebrates Two Year Anniversary At The Mirage Las Vegas – It was a full house Friday night as unparalleled ventriloquist Terry Fator celebrated the second anniversary of his hit show, Terry Fator: Ventriloquism in Concert at The Mirage. Media, VIPs, fans and guests lined up at the entrance of Terry Fator Theatre, anxious to get in and see the incredible headliner perform after Fator announced the addition of new puppet, Berry Fabulous. Songs and dialogue never before seen or heard were also in store and as 7:30pm approached, the lights went down and the music went up as Fator took center stage.

ATV Off-Road Desert Adventure TourATV Off-Road Desert Adventure Tour û Get ready for a wild all-terrain vehicle adventure in the red desert near the Valley of Fire State Park! Drive to the top of the mesas to see views of Lake Mead, the entrance to the Grand Canyon and the north side of the Valley of Fire.

Click To Book ATV Off-Road Desert Adventure Tour Now!

We love to hear from you, and value your feedback! Here’s how to participate:

  • Want to comment on a current reader post? Use the comment box on that particular web page. Many of the stories we post also have comment boxes at the end of the story. Make your voice heard!
  • Drop us an email at [email protected] – We read them all!
  • Call our recorded comment line at 702-507-0055. We listen to every call.

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